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Anne Cohen is a lifestyle and relationship blogger born in Chicago, Illinois, and based in Los Angeles, California. She writes on many different things including love and relationships, success, parenting, self help, daily inspiration, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, SEO, and much more. She accepts contributor posts on both of her blogs from different authors and businesses. Her website also accepts advertisements in widgets and sliders that can backlink to your website/blog which will enhance your business, blog, or website’s visibility and ranking on all major search engines.

To advertise your logo, become a contributor writer, or for any other PR inquiries, contact Anne via her business Email.

As well, if inquiring about becoming a contributor writer, reach out to Anne via email as well.

Anne: arcwrites@gmail.com

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Anne Cohen Writes Social Network

Anne Cohen Writes also has one of the most up to date and fun social networks of 2016. The guidelines for Anne Cohen Writes Social Network are the same as they are throughout the blog. Keep it clean. We’re big with using the “3 Strike Rule.” However, if there are any obvious threats, bullying, or any inappropriate content that gets shared, you will be banned, and out of the social network for good. Anne Cohen Writes Social Network is very new, however, it’s building very fast, so REGISTER today, pick a username, a password, and fill in your name and email, and your ready to start building a beautiful personalized profile. 

Your profile can be used as a tool for networking with friends, family, or colleagues. You’re able to change your preferences, as well as your privacy settings. You can even build a profile for your business if you choose. Anne Cohen Writes Social Network is a great place to network, make new friends, and connect with family, and loved ones. Last, but definitely not least, the Anne Cohen Writes Social Network can be used as an amazing tool for dating. It has nearly every capability as an online dating site. It’s as easy as setting your preferences, and make your status “temporarily” single! You can r
egister at the top left corner of the blog.