About ACW


ACW (Anne Cohen Writes) is a lifestyle and relationship website where Anne Cohen, as well as many other strong voices, share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others. It’s important that we all use our hearts, our wisdom, and our unique and different experiences to shed more light and love into this beautiful world. This way we will not only inspire others, but we will improve our lives by becoming the best version of ourselves, by working harder for what we want, by acquiring inner peace, more happiness, a healthier lifestyle, and more smiles each and every day throughout our lives. 


Anne Cohen is a lifestyle and relationship blogger born in Chicago, Illinois, and based in Los Angeles, California. She writes on many different things including love and relationships, success, parenting, self-help, daily inspiration, poetry, lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, fashion, beauty, SEO, and much more. She accepts contributor posts on both of her blogs from different authors and businesses. Her website also accepts advertisements in widgets and sliders that can backlink to your website/blog which will improve your business, blog, or website’s visibility and ranking on all major search engines.

Anne Cohen is also a marketing director for companies such as Padavo Home Furnishings. She’s a Licensed Pharmacy Technician, and she does SMM (Social Media Marketing) and “White Hat” SEO (Search Engine Optimization). She’s also a mother of two children who motivate her every day, who fulfill her life immensely, and who inspire her to push forward, never give up, and to do good in life each and every day. 

Rent an ad space on ACW. There are many options including image only, text only, image and text, multiple images, rotating ads, and sliders. Get a do-follow or a no-follow backlink. Do-follow backlinks in articles boost your ranking and visibility on Google and all major search engines. Do-follow backlinks in widgets drastically improve your ranking and visibility as well, but much more so. Get a do-follow or a no-follow backlink directed to your website or where to specifically buy your products/sell your services. Display your business/products in a slider, in an image (widget) on the side of ACW, or at the bottom. Rent a medium or large slider image with or without a do-follow backlink. The main slider is available as well.

Prices vary depending on size, whether you’d like a do-follow or a no-follow backlink in the ad, depending upon your website’s current ranking (if you have one), and depending upon your other preferences. If you’re interested in being a contributor writer for ACW, we love having creative new writers. Standard English is a must, articles must be a minimum of 500 words, all unique and original content, not posted anywhere online before, and if you desire to have a do-follow backlink, ACW charges a small one time fee. Contributors who desire a no-follow backlink are welcome without a fee, but must still make sure that all content is unique and never posted online before.

There are many different ways to work with Anne on ACW. One of the features ACW has is the ability to play music on the blog when readers click on the website. The music will have a time limit of 1:20 and the option to repeat unless someone hits pause. The volume can be altered slightly as well. If you’re in the music industry and desire to introduce upcoming artists and musicians or if you’re a singer, songwriter, or musician, you can advertise a portion of your music on the site, and rent an widget (image) on the right side or bottom of ACW where to buy and listen to the full version/album.

Be a contributor at ACW, and get your article featured at the very top right of ACW for maximum visibility. Anne also does White Hat SEO and social media marketing to help businesses and social media accounts grow and improve. To advertise your logo, become a contributor writer, for any other PR inquiries, or any other questions, including the price list, contact Anne via her business Email.

Anne: arcwrites@gmail.com