14 Most Surprising Facts About Sex Toys



Sex toys are iconic, popular, and used by the majority of the population. Yet, they aren’t frequently discussed. Even in conversations around gender fluidity, they aren’t quite as taboo as they once were, but they certainly aren’t volunteered as a mainstream topic. When we really dig into the world of sex toys, how they’re used, and who uses them, it quickly becomes obvious how widespread their use is. Couples use sex toys for better sex. During masturbation, they’re a way to help achieve more intense orgasms. There are mental health benefits to using sex toys and they’re undoubtedly helpful in training the body to enjoy more pleasure.

To clear up the mystery around these wonderful items, we compiled a list of the most surprising facts about sex toys. Some facts are shocking, others are forgotten, and there are also entirely new discoveries birthed in research or studies published in the last decade. 

1. Sex Toys and Tech Walk Hand-in-Hand

Tech is fully embracing sex toys. Every year, new innovative sex toys hit the market. There are smartphone apps that allow long-distance couples to pleasure themselves with sex toys from around the world. You will find increasingly advanced strokers, vibrators, and masturbatory sex toys. They can be customized according to what the user likes in intensity, pattern, and experience.

2. The Most Popular Sex Toy Is a Vibrator

More than half of women in North America have used a vibrator at some point in their lives. Surprisingly, almost half of all men have also used a vibrator at some point in their sexual activities. Vibrators are hands-down the most popular sex toy and used by members of all sexual orientations, backgrounds, and cultures.

3. The Rabbit Vibrator Was a Japanese Workaround

A Japanese manufacturer came up with the rabbit vibrator design in the early 1980s. This vibrator was made to look like a rabbit because Japan outlawed making vibrators at the time. Trickery 101 – make it look like something else. Unfortunately, there are still societies in the world, like India and South Africa, where manufacturing and selling sex toys is not allowed.

4. Anal Vibrators Were Initially Very Poorly Designed

When anal vibrators first came to market, it was ground-breaking. It was an opportunity to manipulate the prostate, open up the anus, and learn how to pleasure oneself in a whole new way. Unfortunately, the first designs did not have a safety grip at the bottom as they do now. People would lose them inside, necessitating emergency room visits and, at times, surgical removal.

5. Biodegradable, Vegan, Recyclable, and Other Keywords

The sex toy industry’s newest brands are advertising their sex toys with vegan, recyclable, and biodegradable words. This is an attempt to make and sell more ethical toys. This approach has received mixed reviews among younger people, but it still makes a notable trend growing in application.

6. Animal-Shaped Dildos Are Very Popular

Dildos look like erect penises the majority of the time. Some dildos though are animal-shaped, a la unicorns, dolphins, teddy bears, and the like. Animal-shaped dildos are surprisingly popular, even though the classic dildo shape still reigns supreme.

7. Newer Sex Toys Don’t Look Like Sex Toys at All

Sex toys don’t have to look like a penis or a classic vibrator. They are made into all sorts of interesting shapes. A lot of the motivation behind this is to craft more sex-positive and gender-inclusive sex toys. As a result, the toys remove the male gaze that notably dominated a lot of the market at one time.

8. Sex Toys for Underserved Communities

They are still very taboo in several religions, cultures, and communities around the world. Several brands have targeted these groups, helping to open the conversation on gender and sex. There have been attempts to promote the use of sex toys as well as their benefits.

9. 1 in 5 People Do Not Clean Their Sex Toys

They should be cleaned after every use to minimize the risk of bacterial infections, STIs, and fungal infections. A recent study shockingly shared how only 70% of respondents cleaned their sex toys regularly, with 19% never doing it and 11% cleaning their sex toy every once in a while. If you’re buying a sex toy, you should commit to cleaning it with warm water and a washcloth. This routine is a must!

10. The Clitoris Gets a Lot of Attention 

There are over 8,000 nerve endings in the average clitoris. It’s the part of a female body that’s most likely to achieve orgasm, more than what can be done with internal penetration. This is perhaps why so many sex toys target the clitoris. Some popular products include clitoris stimulators, bullet vibrators, lipstick vibrators, the Magic Wand, and others.

11. They Have Been Around for 1,000s of Years

The oldest sex toy dates back to 28,000 years ago. It was found in a cave in Germany in 2005, resembling a phallus. It was made from siltstone and measured 20 cm in length by 3 cm in width. Sex toys are nothing new.

12. Most Men Are Fine and Accepting of Them

There is this belief that all men are intimidated by and unaccepting towards sex toys. Although this is still true among some men, the vast majority are happy to incorporate them into their sexual encounters. They also love using them in masturbation sessions or during intimacy with their wives. This is reaffirmed in a lot of research on the subject.

13. Vibrators Do Not Desensitize

There is a misconception among some that a vibrator decreases sensitivity, but this isn’t the truth. Vibrators can actually bring sensitivity back and train the body again to experience orgasms. They are beneficial for people experiencing chronic pain in this area, who have been through an injury, or who are struggling to orgasm. Vibrators can help provide orgasms, allowing a person to overcome their predicament by re-training their level of sensitivity.

14. You Can Make a Sex Toy From Your Penis

The Clone-A-Willy silicone casting kit allows any man to essentially make a dildo from the shape of their own penis. Create a realistic dildo with a mold of your own penis. Body-safe, easy to use, and accurate, a Clone-A-Willy makes for a fun gift for your partner or those who are curious. This type of custom sex toy is just starting to be explored in the sex toy industry, with further developments likely to come.


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