4 Non-Traditional Couples Therapy To Try With Your Partner



Marriage is a union that may be full of challenges. As couples continue to stay together, it becomes more and more important to learn new attitudes and habits that will help them to work better as a family. One way couples can strengthen their relationship and overcome challenges is through therapy. In this post, we will discuss four different types of non-traditional couple therapy that you may want to try with your partner.

1. Emotion-Focused Therapy

Emotion-focused therapy, also known as EFT, is a type of couple counseling that addresses the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that each partner has in the relationship. EFT therapy is based on the idea that feeling emotionally secure and loved by your partner is essential to having a healthy relationship. This kind of therapy could be best for those who want to understand negative emotions and how they cause a disconnect in a relationship. Your emotions do not even have to be negative to need EFT therapy, you could also be feeling a lack of emotion which is causing a strain on your relationship. EFT therapy is able to help pinpoint why that is happening and what to do about it next.

2. The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is based on observations made by Dr. John Gottman who researched emotional intelligence. It is a kind of counseling that creates a deeper understanding among couples in times of conflict. Because of this, this therapy aims to create a specific problem-solving goal to get rid of the conflict. The Gottman Method was developed as couples therapy of last resort for those couples who want a lasting solution to the differences in the relationship.

3. Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is probably the type of couple’s therapy that will trigger the most questions and concerns. In many relationships, couples do experience difficulty resolving sexuality and intimacy issues. In that case, sex therapy becomes a great option to get help. Usually, this therapy focuses on emotional issues related to sexual behavior and desires. When you contact experts such as Covenant Sex Therapy, your sexual problems are addressed creatively and effectively.

4. Reflective Listening

In this type of therapy, a counselor will get the couple to talk about their relationship and the differences in their view on it. This is helpful for couples who want to understand each other better; otherwise, it can prove difficult when couples try to resolve their issues without communicating with each other. The therapist may ask questions and let the couple share their opinions or concerns. The goal is to let them express their own opinions while being sensitive as they listen to them.

Couples therapy can be very helpful for couples who want to strengthen their relationship and be more productive as a family. When choosing the type of therapy, it is important to consider that different types of therapy may work for different situations. Just remember the tips listed above and you and your partner should have a great start on what to do to rekindle your relationship with one another.

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