5 Major Benefits of Consuming Edibles



The use of marijuana has long been demonized by religious groups and cult fanatics around the world. Pop culture would have you believe that the only thing that comes from cannabis use is getting stoned and giggling your pants off. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis has been used for centuries for its profound health benefits. Just a few decades ago, cooking with weed was still considered taboo and reserved for the stoners of the world. This article will highlight five of the best benefits of consuming cannabis edibles.

1. Easy To Use

Edibles are both effective and easy to use. They are discreet and don’t leave lingering smells, unlike the more conventional smoking methods. Compared to smoking marijuana, edibles don’t involve the same number of tools as smoking does.

Depending on how you smoke weed, the rigs for doing so can be intimidating and time-consuming to use. Consuming edibles is easy because they are based on the simple premise of eating or drinking – and we all know how to do that.

2. Longer Lasting Effects

When vaping or smoking cannabis, the cannabinoids enter the lungs and quickly make their way through the bloodstream – primarily from the brain and then the rest of the body. Edibles work by entering the digestive tract and then getting metabolized by the liver before traveling to the rest of the body.

The THC that is processed in the liver gets transformed into a more potent form of THC, which can take around an hour or so to kick in. The effects of consuming cannabis in this form mean that the effects last for about eight hours at a time.

3. Precise Dosing

Edibles are a far more precise way to dose your body in a variety of delicious flavors from The Hemp Doctor. With the expansions of legal marijuana markets across the country, licensed producers of edibles can sell precisely dosed items in a wide range of recipes and cannabinoid profiles. Precise dosage is crucial to achieving the right balance of chemicals in your body.

4. Pain Relief

Cannabis is so effective at relieving and reducing chronic pain that, at present, there are even two synthetic forms of it on the market. Synthetic THC is more widely received as an acceptable form of medication by the older generations, even though it is an off-label treatment.

Many studies have been done on the benefits of cannabis for treating mild to moderate pain, with almost all of them reaching the same conclusion – it is indeed effective.

5. Reducing Cancer-Related Symptoms

The toxins in chemotherapy often lead to the recipients of such treatments experiencing chronic nausea and vomiting. Marijuana is clinically proven to reduce nausea and induce appetite, making it a highly effective treatment for lessening cancer-related symptoms.

Cannabis also has anti-inflammatory properties, which means that not only does it act as a natural pain-killer; but it can also assist in the management of chronic inflammation that is caused by most types of cancers. All around a win-win – give it a try and see for yourself.


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