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Good morning sunshine, and the sun truly is shining bright today. It’s shining right through my broken blinds onto my face. But I don’t mind the annoyance, as I stare at my computer screen. At least, not too much, because after all, it’s a beautiful new day. And beautiful new days with beautiful sunshine, are luxuries that in life, many times we take for granted. Never take the little things for granted in life, because not only do they provide so much happiness, but it’s those very small things that we take for granted that in the big picture, are many times, the most important things. Our senses, our necessities, our freedom, etc. Therefore, good morning sunshine and wishing you all a beautiful day.

A day in the life of Anne Cohen would be different depending on what day of the week it is. Why Am I speaking in 3rd person. I have my kids half of every week, so on weekends, I tend to do different things than I would during the week. So I suppose I will share with you what I’ll be doing today. If I were being recorded on camera right now, I’d probably be smiling and giving you a wink. Not just any wink though. You see, I tend to wink at people many times, without even knowing it. This definitely gets me into trouble on dates, because I tend to wink at waiters and my date will ponder, um, why are you winking at our waiter.

I generally wake up at 6:00 every morning. Sleeping in for me as a single woman, would be like staying in bed until 7AM, which really isn’t sleeping in. I suppose that I’m used to getting up every weekday to drive the kids to school. My eyes open, I give Alvin Pip Cohen (my puppy, who by the way, is probably not a puppy anymore, but he’s always a puppy to me) kisses and I jump out of bed, heading for the Nespresso. But today, Sunday, October 15, 2017, life feels a little more beautiful, and one thing that I love more than anything, is music. Music has the power to make you feel good, despite the genre, and regardless of the tempo. 

I spend my weekends living a predominantly simple life. I don’t date as much as I should, and I pretty much stay indoors and work on ACW, go on a hike (usually alone, but occasionally, with a friend and cousins), make my own juice at Whole Foods, make plans with friends or cousins, go on a walk, and things of the sort. Obviously when or if I’m dating someone, life has many different things in store that I’d usually be doing as far as plans and whatnot. But for now, me , myself, and I, and I can’t deny that I’m really content with it. I don’t mind my alone time to be honest, although having the right company beside me does sound nice…

After making coffee, I sit down by the computer, join in anywhere from 3-30 blogging threads on Facebook to work on building traffic to ACW, building my ranking and whatnot, and then I work on that for awhile and get caught up in those threads, and then I get myself ready for the rest of my day. The blogging threads last all day until late at night, usually 9PM or around midnight, depending on the thread. And then, I’ll write articles when I can find the passion to do so, as well as the thoughts and ideas.

Occasionally, I’ll head over to Malibu and meet up with some friends or simply enjoy the sun, sand, and water by the beach. I always enjoy a nice Farmer’s Market. Which reminds me, I think I’ll go back to the Sherman Oaks Farmer’s Market today and get some more passion fruit—really good stuff. Another thing I’ll do, is head over to a private gym and work out.

Sometimes, I’ll download music and make CDS, like yesterday, I downloaded many, many songs. I’m semi-embarrassed to say for exactly how long I sat at the computer downloading music. I’m a perfectionist and I know what I want, so I tend to search until I find it. I made two CDS filled with ED Sheeran, The Weeknd, Florence and The Machine, Lana Del Rey, and John Legend. So much acoustic and rare finds, and I can’t wait to share them with my loved ones.

A very simple day and life, right? I know. But I’m happy and I feel great! I hope you’re all happy and feel great too. Wishing you all a beautiful rest of your day and weekend, and please make sure you stay tuned for my latest articles and talks on Anne Cohen Writes (ACW). It’s easiest if you subscribe via Email, so that you’ll get notified whenever I post something new. Especially being that the Facebook algorithms have made it nearly impossible to see everyone’s posts in their Newsfeed. Have a beautiful day filled with lots of love and smiles.

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