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What is Doctor’s Journal on Anne Cohen Writes?

Doctor’s Journal on Anne Cohen Writes is a place for medical professionals to write articles and liberatingly express their cerebrations. The articles in the Doctor’s Journal section give people and possible future patients a chance to get acquainted with medical practitioners on a deeper level, shedding some light onto their personality. The articles in Doctor’s Journal are all medically cognate. They are about different procedures, surgeries, sicknesses, and different health-related issues. As well, there are many articles expressing many of the concerns and fears that we all face.

Doctor’s Journal Is Written by Medical Professionals, but Read by Everyone.


Doctor Specialties and Medical Subspecialties

This section on Anne Cohen Writes is a way for Doctors, Dentists, and all medical practitioners to share their views, their light, their wisdom, their experiences, and their specialties and subspecialties, as well as the reasons for why they are so passionate about what they do. Unlike most medical journals, Doctor’s Journal is written by medical professionals, but read by everyone, not merely people in the medical field. This section is read by everyone to help enlighten all of us and to provide more comfort, understanding, and less fear.

We all need to learn and grow. This is something that never ceases. We should always feel the desire to keep learning so that we continue on a healthy path of becoming more knowledgeable, more spiritually enlightened, and simply said, the best possible version of ourselves that we can be. Many times, we learn and grow through things that transpire in our every day lives. Sometimes we learn and grow from our experiences, through wisdom, and even from beautiful, meaningful stories and recollections that people may share with us. One of the best ways of learning new things is through reading informative articles and books. Doctor’s Journal is a great place to learn from someone else’s experiences and their thought process and passions. And many times, when we learn something that we might’ve intitially felt fear from, that fear subsides.

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Medical Professionals Looking to Advertise? Consider Writing on Doctor’s Journal – It’s much more than advertising, it’s helping people.

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