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Hello everyone. Welcome to the new section on Anne Cohen Writes called, “Doctor’s Journal.” I felt the desire to expand on my website in an area that has always been an interest to me. This is a section where doctors, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, and all specialists in the medical field will be posting articles that will be helpful, enjoyable to read, and that can inspire those that are intellectually curious, with the desire to learn more, feel more comfort, and less fear. I created this section in order to display my favourite doctors, some of their inspirations, their specialties within their field, interesting procedures that would be fun to read on, and much more. This is a place where doctors can be free to express their love for what they do in a way that non-doctors can relate. This is also a place where doctors will be able to go into fine detail about why they chose the profession they did, and what their favourite aspects of it are.

Whether you’re looking for a therapist, psychiatrist, dentist, spine surgeon, hand surgeon, plastic surgeon, neurologist, neurosurgeon, radiologist, or any other type of physician or specialist, I hope to create an environment where you can see a little more of a doctor’s personality, opinions, perspectives, and perhaps, you’ll keep them in mind when you or someone that you know and care for needs a recommendation. Sometimes it can be hard to select a doctor or specialist, because there are simply so many to choose from.

Yelp, and five star ratings are getting to the point where they can be easily created from friends and family members. Not that many ratings aren’t accurate, because many of them are. However, going to an environment or place where you can get a doctor’s views, opinions on things within their field, and knowing that it’s straight from the source, you can benefit a lot more. It can be truly comforting to know a little bit about a specialist and their personality before actually going into that consultation. As well, many people simply enjoy learning new and exciting things and discovering what new procedures are available. What’s better than having that specialist talk about them in a way that people can relate… Nothing! That’s when “Doctor’s Journal” can be helpful.

Every person that works in the medical field has a different story and reason for doing what they do. Many doctors wish they had a few extra hours of sleep, while others jump out of bed with drive, joy, motivation, and enthusiasm to start their work day. Many doctors work long hours. Some of them are on call, some of them work through the night, losing sleep, and some doctors create their own schedules and hours. Every doctor has a different feeling about what they do, and I hope that over time, the best of the best doctors will share their feelings here. Behind every doctor there’s a love and passion for what they do, and it’s a beautiful thing when others can learn from it, and find out what inspires them on a daily basis, what brings about that drive to help others, and what their favourite aspects are in their field, and why. 

There are so many different topics that I plan to post here, and hopefully they’ll be of interest not only to other doctors, but to all people with a medical interest, a love for learning new things, and for anyone that’s intellectually curious as to what doctors think, feel, and what they’d like to share with everyone. Many times people, patients, and possible future patients want to know what a doctor’s personality is like before meeting them. It can be hard to weed through Google, searching for a specialist, and knowing nothing about them, other than that they have a five star rating, a beautiful website, and some great reviews. Sometimes people want to know more about a doctor on a personal level, yet keeping things professional. Many times it’s merely a doctor’s attitude and personality that will be the main reason that they choose to go with one doctor or specialist over the next. It’s so important that patients feel comfortable with a doctor that they choose. Everyone wants the best doctor or specialist for exactly what their specific needs are.

I hope to keep this section not only fun and enjoyable to read, but to help people develop the knowledge for things of and pertaining to medicine, procedures, conditions, and whatnot. For any doctors that are interested in sharing their love for what they do, what inspires them the most, and things that we all might find interesting, or fun to read, I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to have you share your inspirations, as well as fun topics that many people would enjoy reading about. My contact information will be posted below. There will be many doctors, and specialists of all sorts that will post articles here, so stay tuned. This is only the beginning. Welcome everyone, and I hope you find this section enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. Feel free to subscribe to Anne Cohen Writes to receive the latest articles on Doctor’s Journal.

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