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A couple of days ago, I was discussing the impact of sex toys on relationships with my girlfriend. She always has been a fan of sex toys. When we went to Austin on a break, we purchased a couple of sex toys to spice up our sex life. Believe me, there’s no going back. My sex life is awesome, thanks to sex toys. Contrary to what people believe, sex toys lend variety to lovemaking.

Let’s understand why it’s a good idea to use sex toys.

Reason #1: Clitoral Simulation

Sometimes, it’s really hard for women to orgasm. No doubt, men give their best when it comes to stimulating the clit with their fingers and tongue. On a bad day, nothing works. Vibrators can be your savior. Vibrators enhance sexual satisfaction.

Reason #2: Multiple Orgasms

One really good thing about good vibrators is that they keep going, going, and going. They simply depend on battery life. No matter how long you have been having sex with your partner, it’s tough to achieve multiple orgasms. However, sex toys will help you and your partner hit the spot. Check out Tempting Alice, the sex toy review site where you can learn more about how all the toys work.

Reason #3: Fantasies

Keen on bringing fantasies to life? Sex toys will surely help you. There are 64 positions described in the masterpiece Kama Sutra. You can explore beyond the 64 positions and experience the ultimate joy!

My girlfriend has this fantasy of handcuffing me to bed and loves riding me while sucking on a dildo. Thanks to sex toys, there’s a lot of bonding. And yes, I know many couples who take BDSM experience to the next level. They use a great variety of sex toys such as anal beads, whips, blindfolds, gag balls, handcuffs, nipple clamps, etc.

Reason #4: Solo

It’s important to have an active sex life. Sex takes the pressure off yourself.

Let me be honest. Not everyone has a sex partner.

Of course, you may hire an escort or a prostitute or a sex worker. But there is a very high risk of contracting an STD. Condoms aren’t 100% safe. Condoms made up of latex are effective. Unfortunately, even latex condoms don’t protect you 100% of the time. If you aren’t using any protection, you are risking your life.

Sex toys are a safe bet. If you are planning on going solo, you may use a sloppy and slimy handjob and blowjob simulators. There’s no dearth of sex toys for women. Women often use a dildo to unlock their libido. Right from fucking machines to dildos, they may try different sex toys.

Reason #5: Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships often fail due to trust issues. The human body requires sex. If you are in the 20s and 30s, your body is likely to be sexually very active.

If your partner is in a different city or country, you need not worry. You will still be able to experience mind-blowing orgasms. There are many long distance toys such as Fleshlight launch & Kiiro fuse couple set.

By the way, have I told you that selling sex toys online is a great business idea?

By 2020, the size of the global sex toy market is expected to amount to a whopping $50 billion USD. This industry is one of the very few industries to register a double-digit growth rate ever since 2014.

Questions are often asked as to how to sell sex toys. It’s easy.

The first step is to choose a niche. Too many sex toy websites use the same drop-shippers and sell the same type of sex toys. It’s not a good idea to sell all types of sex toys.

The equation is simple – if you build on a niche, you are likely to get more targeted traffic. More targeted traffic means more money!

Let’s say – you have decided to go ahead with a ‘dildo’ niche. Make no mistake – your adult sex toys store should store different types of dildos such as:


Type of Dildo Description


Look like the real penis
Exotic Should be available in different colors and texture
Vibrating This type of dildos can be used as foreplay tools
Dominant This type of dildos let you dominate your girlfriend’s clit
Suction Cup They can be attached to walls for a hands-free experience
Strapless They let you take matters into your hands
Double-ended They come with two ends for multiplying the pleasure

Target long-tail keywords. It’s suggested to use Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension to get an insight into the volume, CPC and competition. Use SEMRush for keyword strategy.

Never go with free hosting solutions. Free hosting service providers eat into your earnings. Coming to CMS, use an adult turnkey script which has got adult drop-shipping API and payment gateways. Do not purchase a porn CMS without doing enough research. Many adult sex toys stores on the web look crappy. They don’t adhere to tech industry standards.

Here’s a small list of factors worth considering when making a purchase:


  • Admin functionality
  • Adult payment gateway
  • Adult drop-shipping API
  • Responsive site design
  • Smart search filters
  • Coupon code generator
  • Analytics Integration
  • Dispute Manager

Adult toy store scripts should give you the flexibility of running a single vendor and multivendor sex toy marketplaces. If you are a one-man ninja and in business terms with a few vendors, it’s fine to start off with a single vendor system. Over a period of time, you can scale your business and hedge your bets on the multivendor marketplace.

If you don’t know any vendors, you can use adult drop-shipping API and seal business deals.

You can promote your sex toys store on various adult forums such as You can attract a lot of targeted traffic from Reddit and StumbleUpon. They have dedicated NSFW sections. Use Twitter and Tumblr to market your sex toy store products.

If you have enough financial muscle, spend it on PPC campaigns. There are quite a few popular ad networks such as Traffic junky, AdXpansion, etc., that are ideal for sex toy store products. And yes, media buying is another viable option.

Do you have any more thoughts about this sex toy business or how to start a sex toy business? Shoot them in the comments. We will write a new article on that. Cheers!


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