Why Sex Toys Are Essential to a Relationship?



A healthy sex life is essential to every relationship and there are instances wherein all that is needed to give it a boost is through the use of sex toys. Sex toys or intimate devices enhance a couple’s lovemaking, allowing them to experience the ultimate satisfaction of their partner. Sometimes, this is all that is needed to form a stronger bond between two people who love each other. 

Apart from this, here are some other reasons why sex toys are essential to a relationship.

Sex Toys Lead to a More Open Communication

If you deem that you and your partner somehow lacks open communication, sex toys may just be what you need to turn the situation around. Firstly, the thought of using one during your intercourse may be one of the topics that you can discuss with your partner, and that is if you are not yet into it. If you are already accustomed to using one, then perhaps venturing out into a new device can be one of the topics that you and your partner can talk about.

These types of discussions can pave the way for you to be open to your partner and vice versa, especially if you have struggled to talk to each other about your desires especially in bed. The love experts behind omgkinky have some topics which may trigger your interest and that of your partner in terms of sex toys, stories, guides, and essentials. Your discussion may either be a little awkward or humorous at first, but as soon as you are able to finally settle on the idea of using a sex toy, or trying out a new one, you will find that it will be easier to talk to your partner about it. As a result, not only will your challenges in bed be addressed right then and there, but you will be able to talk to your partner about anything under the sun after being able to discuss a rather quite difficult subject.

Open communication with your partner is essential to ensure a strong bond because, without it, it will prove to be difficult to figure out what your partner wants and what he or she dislikes. In the same manner, without open communication, you may be holding back certain feelings that may eventually build up. Not only is this healthy for your relationship, but holding up your feelings may even be detrimental to your health.

Sex Toys Help in Strengthening Your Intimacy

There are instances wherein couples feel that something is missing in their relationship, and they may not be able to exactly pinpoint what it is. Sometimes, it can be that they just need some time alone together on a weekend getaway or a quick vacation to rekindle the romance in their relationship especially if they have been too busy and caught up with work. Other times, it can be that all they need is to have a sincere talk with each other, without the presence of their kids, to remind themselves that they are a couple first before they became parents.

However, there are also instances wherein the certain thing that is missing is the intensity of the intimacy they once had in bed. New couples often have a heightened intimacy with each other, especially since the relationship is brand new. The lack of intimacy is generally more apparent to couples who have been together for years or even decades. It is during the latter wherein sex toys would definitely be of value to revive this intimacy.

With sex toys and accessories, you and your partner will have the opportunity to further explore each other under the sheets. Exploring each other not only provides you with the feeling of excitement, but it also equips you with the knowledge that you are able to satisfy your significant other, and at the same time be satisfied yourself. The more that you learn about each other, the greater is the intimacy built between the two of you. It goes without saying that a couple’s intimacy, both in and out of the bedroom, is essential in every relationship.

Sex Toys Relieves You from Bedroom Pressures

People sometimes tend to overthink several and this is true even for couples. More often than not, people who love each other always want to see to it that they are taking care of their partners to the best of their abilities, putting their significant other as their priority. While this is not at all bad, there are some drawbacks to this as well because it can affect a person’s confidence, especially if he or she deems that his or her effort is not appreciated. This is where the pressure starts to kick in, and this pressure includes that which is experienced in the bedroom.

Several men and women often question their abilities to make their loved ones happy. It is in these instances wherein they also question their performance in the bedroom, being greatly concerned about their ability to make their partner reach their climax. This is where sex toys can come in handy because the use of such devices in your intercourse will guarantee that you will be able to allow your partner to reach euphoria, in the same way, that you will too. As a result, you and your partner are somehow relieved of the pressure of making each other happy and contented in bed, simply because of the gadgets you use to enhance your sex life. Without too much pressure, you will be able to enjoy the company of each other, instead of the other way around.

Sex Toys Lead You to Amazing Discoveries

One of the things that couples who have spent decades with each other tell younger couples is that for a relationship to last, you must be willing to embark on an unending discovery about your partner. You will find it amazing that each and every day, you are bound to unearth something new about your partner, even if you have been with him or her for quite some time already. This is important in every relationship because as soon as you feel like there is nothing more to uncover, the lack of interest and intimacy in the relationship may follow suit.

Again, this is where sex toys may come into play. With certain accessories and devices that you can use to enhance your sexual encounters, you will surely find something new about your partner, such as their preferences and what they dislike, in terms of how you engage in bed. In parallel, it can be safe to say that everyone has their own sexual fantasies and you may just discover what your partner’s inner desires are through the use of sex accessories. If you know what your partner wants, then there is a greater chance that you will be able to give it to him or her. Hence, being able to act on the things that you discover about your partner can lead to a stronger and lasting relationship.

Sex Toys Pave the Way to Better Sex

Without a doubt, sex toys and accessories will allow you and your partner to have an ultimate sexual encounter, especially if the ones that you chose are what both you and your partner prefer. Sex is important for every couple because it is one way of showing each other your love and devotion. This is the reason why an amazing sex life is essential in every relationship. There are even studies that show that couples who have a healthy and incredible sex life are the ones who have a happy relationship.

If you and your partner haven’t explored the use of sex toys during your intercourse, then perhaps now is a good time to do so. 

Thereby, below are some tips on how you can introduce sex toys in your relationship.

DO talk about the use of sex toys before, during, and after your lovemaking.

Making sex accessories as a sexy surprise for your partner often doesn’t work. Whether you intend to use a rabbit vibrator or an anal plug, what works is consulting your partner first, especially if it is your first time to try these devices out. It is important that both you and your partner agree on this adventure before it happens.

Hence, to be able to introduce the use of sex toys, it is important to talk to your partner about it before, during, and after your intercourse. You can even make the buildup exciting by sharing visuals with each other to entice their imagination, and to make sure that you are on the same page. Talk about what you want to do and what you want to try out, as well as how you intend to go about it. Whether you will be using the sex toy on your partner or they will be using one for you, make sure to check on each other during your intercourse. Consider whether your partner is genuinely experiencing sensual pleasure, or whether he or she is in pain. In the same manner, voice out also if you are feeling awesome or otherwise. After sex, it is also a good idea to talk about your experience to be able to decide on whether you will do it again the next time or try another device instead.

DO ensure safety first.

Sex toys usually have directions to guide users regarding their proper usage. Ensure that you understand how to use these accessories before trying them out to ensure that you and your partner are safe. It is a good practice to buy sex toys only from licensed manufacturers and distributors. This is because there are some sex toys out in the market that is made from low-quality material that may pose some harm when you use them during sex.

There are also those which may be porous and these are the ones that attract and harbors bacteria that you won’t definitely want to invite in bed. Still, there are sex toys that are composed of harmful chemicals that may lead to certain ailments and diseases. Thus, apart from ensuring that you understand how to use the devices you want to try, and sourcing them out from reputable and reliable manufacturers and distributors, also make it a habit to use protection when using sex toys.

DO explore together.

Instead of shopping for a sex toy yourself, why not involve your partner in it and explore it together. This can even be a good avenue for you to spend some time together. If you do explore together, there is a great possibility that you will immediately know what your partner likes and dislikes, as well as what you and your partner prefer when it comes to self-pleasure. It may turn out that your partner may be too shy to ask or voice out what he or she wants simply by talking, but when you do explore together, this barrier may be broken.

In general, couples who have the ability to explore ways to keep the fire burning in their relationship tend to do better in maintaining the passion and desire that they feel for each other. Apart from the use of sex toys, exploring together may also include trying new positions in bed or even having a certain schedule dedicated to having sex. Once again, exploring together all boils down to maintaining a strong relationship.


There are couples who no longer need sex toys because they deem that they are already satisfied with their sex life. On the other hand, there are also couples who love to experiment with different gadgets and devices to make sexual encounters more interesting and satisfying. Regardless of whether you deem that sex toys are not really necessary, or you think that they are important in your lovemaking, it is noteworthy to consider that what matters is that you and your partner come to an agreement on what you want to try, and what your limits and inhibitions are. This will ensure trust and respect in your relationship, which in the end, will make your bond grow stronger.


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