4 Gift Ideas for Any Movie Lover in Your Life



Choosing the perfect gift for your favorite movie buff can be a little daunting. Typically, cinephiles have very passionate and very specific tastes, so, aside from giving them actual movie tickets, what sort of gifts will satisfy? Thankfully, these days there are plenty of clever and creative movie-themed items that make great gifts for any movie lover.

1. Surround Them With Sound

Nothing stirs affection for a favorite film like getting immersed in the musical themes and songs from the show itself. Whether your movie lover is into big song-and-dance numbers from legendary songwriters or sweeping orchestral arrangements crafted by the silver screen’s biggest composers, you’ll have them singing the perfect tune with a carefully selected musical gift. These soundtracks are available in every format from MP3 downloads of movie musicals to CDs of nostalgic classic films to trendy vinyl in specialized genres such as the various horror vinyl collections available. This might even inspire them to start a special collection of their favorite soundtracks. 

2. From Film to Fabric

You can help your gift recipient get even more wrapped up in their all-time favorite films. Movie-themed apparel is everywhere and can be found in pretty much any incarnation under the sun with items like comfortable t-shirts, goofy socks, headwear, caps, and more. There are also numerous outlets now selling various home décor items, like throw pillows and lap blankets, that proudly wear the image, theme, or title of a favorite flick. If you want to make this gift extra special, search for rare apparel or themed products. You can search sites like Ebay to find one-of-a-kind items. 

3. Movie Night Gift Boxes

With so many of us crashing at home more often these days, why not give your movie-loving friend or loved one a theatrical experience at home? Create a stash of great movie snacks, candies, popcorn, and even some adult beverages, then wrap it up with a rental coupon so they can capture the theatre experience at home whenever they want. If you really want to impress, add in a few personalized reusable popcorn canisters for a unique theatre vibe. Once it’s safe to go back to the theaters, you can compile a gift set that’s tailored toward actually going to see a movie. Include a gift card for their favorite theater and candy for the movie.  

4. Challenge and Enrich Their Movie Skills

Avid film buffs pride themselves on knowing all the ins and outs of their favorite films down to every last line and detail and the process by which the film was born. Why not honor their fervor for film knowledge with one of the many movie trivia card games or board games on the market today? And to inspire their thirst for all-things-cinema, consider presenting them with a pass for an online Master Class in filmmaking, script writing, acting, and more.

You are sure to impress your favorite film fan with any one of these fun and personal gift ideas. Also, check out Good Housekeeping’s list of additional gift ideas for movie-lovers for even more surprisingly clever film-inspired presents.


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