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I was on a mission. I read so many books. To be specific, many language books. I play chess. Basically my mission was this… I strive to be an intellectual. I literally found myself Googling how to become an intellectual. Sounds kinda funny, but it’s true. I wanted to do this in the most natural way possible. I didn’t want to be dependent on any medications. I figured natural was the way to go. I made a list of what I needed to do and I gradually added to the list. So I ended up coming to this. Here are some great ways to improve your memory naturally and feel great!

My problem was simple it seemed. I read so many language books and really learned a lot. But then I would forget. I’d want to learn one language at a time until I got bored or something inspired me to want to switch languages. I’ve only learned one so far. But, I yearn to learn so many more. I have a hard time remembering what I learn. I know I’m intelligent, but I find it difficult to keep it all in my head for long periods of time. I do realize that I should pick one language and stick to it. As well, I should practice, practice, practice. But, I’ve tried that too. It doesn’t work for me.

This brings me to playing the game of chess. I tell people that it’s my healthy addiction. I play nearly sixty games a day on a website called Chess (dot) com as well as some other sites. I play well for not having had lessons or classes. However, my playing well is another man’s lack of having competition. It doesn’t feel good to lose nor to have such a short memory span, not to be able to remember my previous moves or to plan many future moves. My feeling is that I know I can do better. I’ve let so many years pass me by repeating the same thing over and over again, yet failing to improve. I made up a list of things I could do to “make my brain grow.” I wanted to do this all on my own and without any opinions. I guess I wouldn’t mind opening the doors now to some constructive criticism and commentary as well. Bring it!

I started with water.

Water? Yes, water. Now I’m getting deeper into the types of water…with fluoride or without etc. But, staying on track here… Water was lacking in my diet. I never liked it. But, clearly, I noticed every time I’d drink a lot of water I’d feel better emotionally and mentally. It was a great feeling. Next, I decided to start juicing. I will go into some really cool techniques for getting the best quality, organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits with paying very minimally. But for now, I’ll leave it at that.

I started drinking a lot of water. Then I switched over to juicing. Something very important to remember while juicing is that you must drink water as well as juice. I kept coffee in my diet but only black. I would drink the occasional glass of dry Cabernet for that amazing taste, the relaxing feeling, and the idea of Resveratrol having the fountain of youth properties sounded good. I basically ate about 80 percent near raw and 20 percent crap. Hey, I needed to indulge. You shouldn’t deprive yourself too much. Besides sugar gave me that momentary smile. In actuality, that momentary smile was indeed all it gave me. Another way to put it would be, short term happiness, longterm darkness.

I added another part to this new natural Anne method of increasing my memory. I started learning about different serums and herbal tonics that were all-natural. So I added the ones I thought were appealing and made me feel good. I started with Green Tea, Oregano Leaf, Turmeric, Licorice root, Acai Super Berry, Peppermint, Vit D3, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo, Skullcap, Sage, Rosemary, Collagen plus C, and Hyaluronic Acid. Having listed these, I took them all as directed but a lot less often as suggested. By no means are all of these necessary. Try some that look appealing and read about them. I started with one or two. I didn’t dilute any of them. I took them straight up.



-Healthy food choices

-Walk or work out (be active)

Many things happened. I learned many things as well as had some improvements. I learned the hard way that water and food are essential to have regardless of juicing.  I definitely recommend eating a healthy diet and adding juicing to your lifestyle. Just think of it as a way of life. My Chess game improved to a stable hundred point higher rating after one week. I couldn’t do that no matter what I tried before this for over a year. I started reading a lot more and have been expanding my knowledge in many areas and remembering things much easier, with more life and good feeling. I can honestly say that I feel emotionally happier and mentally better in many ways from these positive changes.

As far as juicing, I think it’s good to juice mostly vegetables and minimal fruits. My juice changes a bit as I like to keep it interesting. I am totally in love with the long leafy parts of the beets. They make me into a happy person. I can usually smile at one of the produce guys and get them for free. Sometimes a couple of bunches. Good luck guys! You may have to pay for them.

As far as beets, they’re so good for you on so many levels. Word to the wise, juice them gradually to prevent horrible stomach aches. Organic produce ONLY. Dark green kale (red, dino, green, it doesn’t matter), One lemon, one lime, a tiny piece of Turmeric (usually ends up being no charge or 10/20 cents), Sometimes a bunch of celery (yes, the whole thing), one carrot, and an apple. A little cayenne pepper on top when finished sometimes can be nice or throw in the occasional habanero pepper (very the turmeric it shouldn’t weigh enough that would cost more than about 20 cents). I alternate green leafy vegetables from kale to chard etc.

Some extra tips…

1. If you buy all organic produce at Whole Foods, show the juice bar your receipt and they’ll wash it and juice it for free. Some Whole Foods locations charge a little. Not sure about other places.

2. The juices they will make for you at the Whole Foods juice bar or elsewhere won’t have the concentrated levels of nutrition as if you were to pick out your own produce and have them juice it for you. As well, the price will be dramatically less and no mess to clean up.

3. Drink water (the concentration of all of these leafy bunches of vegetables is a lot). I’ve read that all your body needs in a day are about 3/4 of a glass of green juice… I realize I overdo it a bit. But, it’s working for me.

4. DO NOT stop eating regular food and only juice. If you want to detox for a week, it should be fine but I would still eat a little during that time to maintain good health. I learned the hard way and it could make your hair fall out, your skin looks ugly (from losing that cute pink hue to getting ugly breakouts), and it can actually hurt your health. Moderation is very important. As soon as I started eating healthy along with juicing everything gradually and stably improved.

5. If your skin breaks out a little during the first week or two, it’s normal. My skin glows now and it was worth a week of getting rid of all those ugly toxins my body was used to.

6. Work out, walk more, park far.

I developed the taste for the juice as well as for water and the natural supplements. I don’t feel dependent on the supplements but I enjoy taking them. It’s my preference over taking pills or vitamins which can be hard on your stomach. Another benefit I failed to mention earlier was the dramatic difference in the quality of my hair and skin. I feel great and I’m still learning like anyone else. Would love some tips. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Once I decide on which language to pursue I will update on that.

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