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As many of you know, good things are not only hard to come by, but they take work, effort, and love in order to achieve and maintain them. One of the biggest parts of feeling and expressing love to another is by being selfless. Being selfless is one of the most genuine and beautiful acts, especially when it comes out of a pure place and there’s no ulterior motive or bad intention other than simply making another person feel good, satisfied, loved, and happy. In this article, I wanted to go into a bit of detail about some of the things that it takes to be selfless. But also, how being selfless is hardest at times when you end up getting the short end of the stick, and why you should remain selfless regardless.

I’ve written multiple and perhaps elaborate articles before about being selfless and how it can make all of the difference in a relationship and in life. But then I’ve also written about how at times, I truly believe that it’s good to be selfish as well. I’ve written how you should respect, value, and think of yourself, and that you should even put yourself above others at times, especially, when they’re toxic or bringing you down in some way. 
As many of you know or don’t know perhaps, you should love yourself before you love another person, so that you’re able to fully give your love to someone else, yet at the same time, you’re able to remain balanced and whole.

Being selfless takes a certain type of person who doesn’t necessarily feel that they’re losing something by giving so much of themselves. But rather, they feel as if they’re doing something from such a pure and good place, not even needed or desiring a reward or a mere thank you. And it makes them feel good to be that selfless type of person and to do certain selfless acts, especially when they know that they’re causing a great deal of happiness in others.

Being a selfless person takes a certain amount of enlightenment and understanding. And I’m not really talking about the type of enlightenment and understanding that comes from “what goes around comes around” or “karma” or even a saying that I personally use quite often, “short-term darkness and long-term light.” I’m more so referring to the type of understanding where deep down inside, it makes you feel genuinely good to know that you’re making a difference and that you’re helping to make someone feel good. And that in itself is enough of a motive for you to be selfless and giving, even if or when you gain nothing in return or perhaps even lose something in the process. You learn to view things as such as gaining—gaining by giving.

I’m not saying that you should let harm come to you in order to please or help someone, or that you should be willing to take a bullet for anyone or anything at any time—not that I would disagree either at times. However, what I am saying is that it’s important to see things from a larger perspective and the bigger picture. That it’s good to see things in the spiritual world, and in a world that we can enter and leave feeling that we’ve done some good and contributed in some small, but perhaps realistically, some truly large way.

We should all feel enough empathy and love for others, that we become more enlightened, more selfless, and more giving. Again, this is all routed from love. We should care about all humankind whether beautiful, cute, and pleasing to the eye or unfortunate and frightening upon a first glance. Dear Readers, Dear World, please listen. Be kind, and have empathy and regard for others. And strive towards being a selfless type of person who thinks and acts from a very pure place. Becoming this type of being is imperative and a big part of loving others.

We need to show a selfless type of love towards everyone including all animals, as well as all living, breathing things. We need to care about how they might feel in different situations. And that if we can help in any way by doing our share as a human being, and as a righteous decent soul, by giving back or by being selfless, whether they’re deeply in need or simply just to make them smile and feel good when they’re having a bad day, we should do so. Open your eyes and your soul, deeper and deeper, and consider being selfless. Rid yourself of all motives of gaining something in the process. Learn to find the real truth, and the real meaning of what loving another soul is all about.

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4 thoughts on “The Truth About Being Selfless

  1. Selflessness is about making the things easy for everyone. A self-sacrificing person can easily bend over backward for others even if he compromises himself and his desires. He always feels that the complication of everyone is his problem to resolve. He does not see his beneficence as his stumbling block. In my slant, being selfless is good. But whenever you feel that people have started taking you for granted without any valid cause, you should change you etiquette to stop feeling blameworthy.

  2. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last month, it’s that being selfless has less to do with being in love and more to do with a desire to help. I forgot that in the last couple of years, and that’s one reason I stopped writing. But I’m getting back to it and for the right reasons- because I want to help and make people laugh and think. You might be hurt and angry with me, but I’m gonna try to earn it back. And I wanna do it better this time.

  3. But the one thing you’re forgetting is that some things are done out of love, not because of it. “The only gifts worth keeping are the ones freely given”. I would do it no matter what.

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