4 Tips for Getting Yourself to Drink More Water Throughout the Day



Our bodies are made mostly out of water, and despite how important it is to stay hydrated, there are many obstacles in our way. From busy schedules to other things we’d rather be drinking, proper water consumption is always a challenge. Fortunately, with some creative strategies, you’ll be well on your way to staying hydrated and healthy.

1. Flavor Your Water

Water has the stigma of being tasteless and boring, but nobody ever said you couldn’t
spice it up a bit. There are endless combinations of fruits, spices, and different herbs to give your water a kick. If you are a soda drinker and looking for a healthier alternative, try sparkling water or club soda. Another trick is putting frozen fruit into your tumbler in the morning, so it’s ready to go for the day. Find some low-calorie flavor packets to add to your water bottles from your local grocery store. One of the perks of flavored water is improved taste without added calories.

2. Create a Routine

It’s well known that creating a habit takes 21 days. Create a water drinking schedule that aligns with your routine. If you’re pressed for time in the morning, try having your water bottle or glass on your nightstand next to your bed. Put reminders on your refrigerator or install a habit tracker app to your phone and work at staying consistent. It will take your bladder some time to adjust, so prepare for more frequent bathroom breaks!

3. Use Larger Water Bottles

Small water bottles are annoying, and you’ll have to run back and forth to the water station to refill regularly. Invest in larger containers that keep your water cold throughout the day. You’ll be more likely to drink from your accessible water in between constant meetings at work. Having a large water bottle can make it seem less of a daunting task to drink a lot as well. You might only need to fill up your water bottle once or twice a day. Also, try getting a creative water bottle that displays your favorite sports team or themes. If the bottle means something to you, then you will be more likely to drink from it consistently and remember to carry it around with you. 

4. Drink Better Quality Water

Despite what you may have heard, all water is not created equal. Water from your kitchen sink is no match in comparison to
water well pumps. Research your options for different filters or water installation systems. Your water will become healthier and tastier, and You’ll be more likely to drink more water that tastes good on the palate. If you really want to increase the quality of your water, you can even install a water pump in your backyard. This will ensure you always have access to pure water. 

Drinking more water should be a habit rather than a chore. You should actually want to drink enough water every day to feel your best. You won’t always drink the recommended amount every day, but with some persistence and diligence, you will be on your way to a better version of yourself.