5 Common Roofing Problems and How to Fix Them



Maintaining a home’s roof is an integral part of owning a home, especially if you intend to live in your home for years or even decades to come. Knowing how to spot common roofing problems and how to fix them can help to save time and money. It can help ensure you fix your roof as quickly as possible to avoid further damages and unnecessary expenses. While it can take a while to learn the nuances of roofing, this guide should help you identify and fix problems.

1. Lifted and Curled Shingles

Hot temperatures and plenty of weather will cause lifted and curled shingles. Foot traffic on the roof can cause shingles to curl. If the shingles were not properly aligned, the adhesives can loosen. Curling shingles may require a complete replacement, especially if you have recently experienced multiple hot summers or years where you are living.

2. Missing and Broken Shingles

You should inspect and address missing and broken shingles as quickly as possible to prevent additional damage to your home. The exact nature or severity of any damage will depend on the position of the shingle. They are staggered to prevent immediate leaks. It’s always better to be on the safe side. However, you might be able to spend time-saving money if the underlying seam has not been exposed.

3. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are usually noticeable from the outside. However, You might only find them in the inside of your home if the leak is located on the interior side of your attic.

Working with professional roofing contractors is highly advisable whenever you have a leak in your roof, even if you believe you know where the leak began and that you can remedy the issue yourself. Experts can catch additional problems you might not be able to find yourself or even just touch up your work.

4. Missing Shingle Granules

When shingle granules begin to fall off or find themselves in your gutters, it may be time for a professional roofing repair job or a complete roofing replacement, depending on the overall condition of your roof as well as its current age.

5. Tree Root Invasions and Damage

Another issue you should keep in mind when inspecting your roof for potential damage includes tree root invasions and damage. If you have any large trees surrounding or near your home on an incline, you may run the risk of tree roots interfering with your roof itself. Tree root invasions are not uncommon. Strangely enough, they do not only occur with underground plumbing systems. It is so important to keep an eye on any trees you have near or on your property.

Familiarizing yourself with the most common roofing problems can help. Especially when it comes to managing and maintaining your home’s own roof. When you are aware of what to look for and which signs indicate an issue that requires professional assistance, you can keep your home’s roof for 20 full years, depending on the type of roofing solution you have in place. This guide should help you get started.


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