5 Tips and Tricks to Handling a Car Accident



Unfortunately, thousands of car accidents happen each day across the country. If you find yourself dealing with this situation, you will be facing many complex issues all at once. Along with wondering how much damage your car sustained and whether it can be repaired, you are also experiencing serious injuries that may land you in the hospital and out of work for weeks or months. Since you will need compensation for your medical bills and lost wages, the steps you take in the days ahead may determine if you win or lose your personal injury case. To come out on top, here are five tips and tricks to remember.

1. Document Your Injuries

First, always get the proper treatment for your injuries, both at the scene of your accident and at a hospital. By doing so, your injuries are verified and documented by doctors, making it almost impossible for insurance companies to claim you are not injured. It is helpful to work with a lawyer to do this so you make sure you include all the proper documentation you need to win your case.

2. Don’t Say “I’m Sorry”

At the accident scene or anywhere else, don’t make the mistake of saying “I’m sorry” when talking to police, doctors, or especially the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident. If you do, this sounds like you are admitting the accident was your fault. Instead, say as little as possible as your case plays out.

3. Hire an Experienced Attorney

Immediately after your accident, meet with and hire an experienced car accident lawyer. Not only can they explain the various legal options at your disposal, but they can also give you sound advice and act as a buffer between you and insurance companies. Best of all, they can negotiate an out-of-court settlement on your behalf, letting your case wrap up quickly and getting you much-needed compensation.

4. Stay Off of Social Media

When recuperating from your accident, stay off social media. Insurance companies, defendants, and their attorneys always keep an eye on the social media accounts of plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Should you post comments or photos that could incriminate you before your case is resolved, you may be unable to gain the compensation you thought was a sure thing.

5. File a Police Report

Finally, always file a police report about your car accident. This is crucial since the police do an initial investigation and give their opinion as to which driver was at fault, meaning the report may contain information your attorney can use to your advantage. You’ll need to contact the police immediately after you are in an accident. Don’t start speaking to the other person involved until you have done this.

If you think clearly following your car accident and remember these five tips and tricks, you and your lawyer can work together to make sure you emerge with the compensation needed to replace your lost income and pay your medical bills. You deserve to get the compensation you need.


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