A Complete Guide to Your House Restumping



Restumping is also known as reblocking, which involves resetting or replacing the stumps for a house that uses a stump subfloor. This is necessary for house stumping have settled as a result of soil movement, or also when wooden stumps have got rotten as a result of moisture in the soil.

It is also a wise idea to restump an older home that will be undergoing significant renovations, with added strain on the structure of the house. Restumping any house is a big undertaking if not handled correctly. It could be a severe matter for you and your home.

When do you need restumping? When your house is continually cracking the interior and exterior walls of a home or if a house has uneven, bowed or soft floors, with the doors and windows functioning incorrectly. Then it becomes necessary to restump the house.

How is a House Restumped by House Restumping Service Provider?

Consult an expert or house restumping service provider to find out the damaged stumps, this usually is using a level to assess the floors and checking the stumps by movement or deterioration. The house is then generally jacked up where the stumps then need to be replaced or removed altogether.

Depending on how much movement has occurred, adjustments due to the restumping may cause doorframes to warp, crack, damaged tiles or similar issues.

How About Using Wood Stumps, Steel Stumps, or Concrete Stumps?

When houses are restumped these days, it is usually done with galvanized steel or concrete stumps. This has an advantage over using wooden stumps because steel or concrete doesn’t rot or catch termites easily. Steel stumps are adjustable on-site with easy installation, as it saves both time and money.

Steel or concrete stumps are expensive but worth paying when done professionally and to the highest standard. Restumping is a dirty and challenging job and having it done correctly is essential for the structural integrity of the home.

Do Concrete Stumps need Replacing?

Concrete stumps cost more than timber stumps, but over fifteen to twenty years, there is a need for little more investment. Once they are fixed to the floors and inserted into the soil, they do not require supervision or checks of any building contractors.

House Restumping Process by House Restumping Service Provider

The good thing that must be appreciated is that it doesn’t require council planning and approval. This means that if anyone was concerned about damaged house stumps, then immediate repairing can be started.

It’s essential to support the house on hydraulic jacks and carefully take the weight of the existing old house stump. Once the house is carefully lifted, it is required to dig around the footing of the existing stump until pulling off the existing old stump. It is often easier to pull out a wooden stump than a concrete stump.

Once the stump is removed, then a hole is left behind. This hole is made for the preparation of new concrete footing that can be utilized for completing the job.

When do you need House Restumping Service Provider?

House restumping and underpinning is explicitly required for old houses. Separate services of restumping and underpinning services are available, depending on the requirement. But if the entire structure needs repairing, then it is better to hire a professional service provider.

While extending any part of the house, restumping is necessary for the restoration of an old and reconstruction of a new structure for the maintenance of a proper balance of the floors.

To conclude, from the above article, house restumping service provider provides adequate services on restumping and underpinning. This will enable your structure to bear high loads. The work can be carried out professionally with less risk and minimal noise eruption.


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  1. I have noticed a bit of a slope in my house since the end of December. It seems like I should probably get my house restumped before the slope gets any worse. Thanks for pointing out that concrete stumps are going to cost more than wood homes but they will require less maintenance.

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