Design Modern and Efficient Kitchen With Glass Kitchen Splashbacks



Professionally designed splashback materials are available to decorate your kitchen in the most functional way. Glass kitchen splashbacks are one of the new age wall protective materials which are often used instead of tiles. These are crafted with a twist, will an appalling look and appeal these offer astounding functionality as well. Not only for the kitchen, but splashbacks are also effectively used for bathrooms as well. With a glossy glass-like appearance, it enhances the elegance and beauty of any space like kitchen countertops, etc.

This is perhaps a new innovative addition for kitchen renovation and bathroom works. But despite being new, it is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world among interior decorations, home improvement professionals, etc. owing to their extensive range of benefits.


Glass is a material that is impervious to oil, grease, water, and even bacteria. The smooth surface along with a fine more hygienic. Greasy surfaces often become the hub of bacteria and fungus, but glass kitchen splashbacks not only have a smooth surface but also do not have nooks or crannies, for oils and dirt to accumulate. With the help of a soft cloth or sponge, you can easily wipe off any oil or water or spices.


Walls of the kitchen covered with stylish tiles or splashbacks enable to develop an attractive aesthetics. Textures, colors, and style altogether lead to decorate the space in a distinctive way.

Convenient to Clean

This is a surface that does not call for your arms to ache by rubbing and applying all energy to remove stains and marks. All you need is some soap water and a piece of cloth of sponge to cleanse the surface without any added effort. Since there are hardly any crevices in this flat and smooth surface, it takes minimal time as well as energy to simply wipe off the dirt at a swing.

Heat Resistant

To protect the kitchen from grease and heat the splashbacks are placed. Generally, glass shows a definite range of heat resistance, and in case glass kitchen splashbacks, toughened or tempered glass is used nowadays. These are known to particularly five times effectively more heat as well as impact-resistant than any non-toughened glass. Therefore, if you intend to invest to add value to your home and kitchen, you can invest for toughened splashbacks that it is heat resistant up to 220°c. so, once you have invested for it means:

  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely heat resistant, ideal for kitchen work purpose
  • Highly durable 

Long Term Investment

Now, if you drag into comparison with normal or even high-end tiles with splashbacks in terms of costing, splashbacks definitely take the higher seat. But looking at a long-term investment for your home paying a greater amount for a worry-free tenure of several years definitely makes sense. You can count on paying the higher edge for glass kitchen splashbacks since these are:

  • Stronger
  • Heat resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to maintain

Though splashbacks are fast replacing mosaic and tiles in kitchen works, yet many have misconceptions about it. Many believe that splashbacks take a heavy toll of time and energy for installation. However, quite contrary to it these are rather easier to install. Most of the works for installation like measurement, cutting, are all done earlier, just the fitting requires to be done at your place. Thus, with glass kitchen splashbacks are elegant in appearance, easy to maintain, tough, heat resistant as well as easy to install, therein the ideal choice for modern-day efficient kitchens.


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