Frustrated and Newly Separated: 3 Questions to Answer Before Making Big Decisions



Going through a breakup can certainly be an emotionally difficult time in your life. At one point, you truly believed that you would be spending the rest of your life with this person. To see all of that end is not something anyone desires to go through in life. Yet, it happens. There will be many emotions going through your mind if you are encountering this situation right now. One of those feelings is quite likely to be one of frustration, as you are forced to make so many decisions all at once. Before you do end up making any big decisions, however, here are three questions that you should have answered when you are newly separated.

1. Should You Move Into a Smaller Place?

There is no need to rush into decisions about where to live after you have been separated. If you do not know what you want to do, consider moving into a smaller place until you have things sorted out. There is no need to have a big home or apartment if it is only you. This will give you some much needed financial breathing room as well.

Try renting month to month. This is great when the unknown is uncertain. If you happen to reunite you donโ€™t have to worry about breaking a lease. If you are able to buy yourself time before you have to commit to living in a place, location, and budget.

2. Should You Wait Before Donating Mementos?

When you are separated, you might have the temptation to get rid of anything that reminds you of the relationship. Resist that urge for a while. You never know what you might want to hang on to. Once you donate them, you will not likely be able to get them back. If you decide, after a time, that some things can be given away then you can do so with a clean conscience.

Many people take a trip or go to stay with family or friends after a serious breakup. That is understandable, but you will need to find a place to store your items in the interim. This is where a storage unit can come in quite handy. Put your personal belongings in this space until you have time to sort through things and decide where to go.

3. Is Reunification an Option?

You may also want to take some time to determine if there is even a remote possibility that the two of you can work things out and get back together. If there is, then do your part to try and make that happen. If you are honest with yourself and know that there is no way that reunification is an option, then do yourself and move on.

These are three questions that, when answered, should help ease your frustration when you are newly separated. Remember that sunshine does come after the rain. It is important to stay the course and surround yourself with good friends and caring family members during this time. You will get through it eventually.


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