Hating Your Kids’ Leftovers? Pair Them Up with Wines Great for Parents’ Me-Time



Many parents might not have any liking to leftover food, and they might refuse to eat them when they are younger. Now that they become parents, some of them might hate this food even more because they have no other choice but to eat them.

Moreover, there are many ways to enjoy your kids’ leftovers, and at the same time, have time for yourself. Try the following kids’ snacks and a glass of wine that you can enjoy once in a while.

Cheez-Its and Cabernet Sauvignon

It is not a fascination nor for the sake of saving up, but pairing up cheez-its with cabernet sauvignon will feel no different from any classy wine and cheese combination at a wine tasting events. The cheddar chips salted to perfection will dazzle your tastebuds with the sweet and earthy cabernet. The various taste will mellow out your mouth.

Chicken Nuggets and Sauvignon Blanc

You will never know how good it is until you try the softness and crispiness of chicken nuggets with a glass of zesty sauvignon blanc. Also, dipping the nuggets in some sweet chili lime sauce, ketchup, or sweet-and-sour sauce will complement the fruit notes of the wine. I bet your mouth is watering now.

Chips and Salsa and Pinot Grigio

Once stepping into parenthood, I guess, there are less (or worse no) chips and salsa with margaritas or tequila nights anymore. Well, even without going out from the parenting zone, you can still enjoy having the lemon and lime notes of a glass of white pinot while finishing off your kids’ chips and salsa.

Fruit Snacks and Pinot Noir

Having troubles to look for what to munch with a glass of your favorite pinot? Have no shame trying your kids’ fruit snacks. These snacks are sweet enough to water your mouth, can complement the floral and fruity notes in the pinot. The best part is that they are low in calorie. It’s great to have when having stressful and sleepless nights.

Fish Sticks and Chardonnay

Are you so exhausted from making money or going after your kids’ mess that you do not even have enough energy to cook for some real adult meal? Bud, you are not alone. Save time and have a classy ambiance with fish sticks and a glass of lemony West Coast Chardonnay, a famous wine to be paired with fish. Do not forget to use a fork for a five-star restaurant feels.

Kettle Corn and Riesling

Both dry and sweet Riesling is a perfect wine for autumn thanks to its peach, crisp apple, and honey notes; however, now you can enjoy it more any time of the year with a bowl of leftover popcorns. Avoid over-flavored buttered kernel but opt for something sweet, neutral and light like kettle corn.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Red Lambrusco

Why have a glass of sparkling red Lambrusco with a satiating creamy bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese? Here are two reasons. First, every sip of the wine will reset your palate, leaving no remains of creamy (sometimes disgusting) taste in your mouth. Second, the wine is sweet and fizzy so you will feel comfortably light even after making your way up to the bottom of the bowl.

Animal Crackers and Merlot

Both animal crackers and merlot are subdued in warm spices and sweet flavor. You will be surprised how the two produce a unique taste they when paired up together. You might weirdly think that they are delightful treats to serve for guests next time, as well. But, no, don’t that.

Frosted Cupcakes and Rosé

This pair is good-to-go for the pals of your age, but of course, do not serve your kids’ leftover cupcakes. Not only pink wines but any wines, like those from Sokolin wines, are great to pair with sweets. If you miss a night out, you can still keep your pinky up with a glass of rosé and creamy cupcakes.

SpaghettiOs and Blended Red

You might want to be sure and ask, the crowd-favorite blended red with SpaghettiOs? Hell, yes! These two are made from heaven. This is crazily so cheap and satisfying you will want your friends to try it, too! To wash down those tartly tomatoed slippery junk pasta circles with a glass of red blended and have a three-minute alone time in the pantry are fun.


If one of your problems includes your kids’ leftovers, here are some thoughts to ponder. First, getting rid of the stigma of perfection and poking fun at the things we take too seriously is sometimes okay, especially when it is just leftovers. Second, you can always have a me-time while enjoying your kids’ leftovers. Grab a glass of wine and try the said pairings.


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