How Dating in VR Is the Real Deal



It is almost two decades since online dating took everyone by storm. The mystery of talking to someone completely unknown, and managing to enjoy a conversation is what modern dating is all about. You swipe right or left to select the partner you are searching for, and once you find your match, getting to know the person becomes a matter of sending a catchy message or a string of emoji’s.

How Modern Dating Has Changed

The idea of meeting your partner in the digital space has spread like wildfire. Every other person you talk to has an account in a dating website or a dating app. Websites like LoveSita even allows its users to send direct text messages to improve the chances of finding a match even if they are not from the same country. For example, you can be living in Paris but you’re free to message somebody you like from Japan. You can stand in front of the Eiffel Tower wearing a VR gear, and give your partner a taste of what Paris is in virtual life.

Technology is playing a vital role in enhancing the online dating experience of people. When a dating app finds a match, all you can do is text, exchange numbers, and call. Meeting the person is delayed by a week or even a month, especially if both of you want to know each other first. But what if you could meet her virtually? And no, it’s not via video call.

Virtual Reality is bridging the gap between what is virtual and what is real, and it is influencing the dating industry in many positive ways. You can now discover your partner in the virtual space. Instead of spending time surfing through her photos on the dating app, you can meet him/her on the virtual dating platform where you need not be physically present, but it would seem that the meeting is very, very real.

Importance of VR

VR has already made significant progress in the entertainment industry. Nowadays, dating websites are also trying to capitalize on this technology to combine romance and VR. You will meet your match physically in the same VR platform, but you won’t be able to touch each other. It only allows you to interact and see using an eye gear that both of you need to wear to make the VR work. The technology scans your body, and once you wear the gear, it will seem as if he/she is standing right in front of you. You try to touch the person, and virtually you can, but he/she won’t feel anything. However, he/she will be able to see that you are extending your arms to touch. 

Is VR the Future of Online Dating?

VR will have an impact on online dating, but many modifications are long overdue. For example, there are technical glitches when you try to touch the person whom you meet virtually. Users complain that their hands go through the body. Once these drawbacks are addressed, VR will be ready to take online dating to the next level.

Virtual Reality will change the face of dating, and couples who are in long-distance relationships will not be upset for not having enough opportunity to meet their partner. This is a step towards making couples know each other better before they decide to move in or start a long-term relationship.

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