How To Get Better Sleep When Your Partner Is a Restless Sleeper



A good night’s sleep is so important for the human body and mind. Unfortunately, a variety of factors can interrupt your ability to get in this quality snoozing time. A restless partner, for example, might keep you up at night. Considering some methods for tackling the issue can allow both of you to have more fulfilling rests. Here are a few tips to help you get better sleep if your partner’s tossing and turning is preventing you from getting the rest you need.

Consider Medical Issues

Some people are simply restless sleepers. However, in other cases, potentially serious medical issues could be at the root of the problem. If you notice that your partner snores or has trouble breathing at night, they might have sleep apnea. An individual who has sleep apnea might toss and turn because they are waking up multiple times per night, which then keeps you awake as well. Another potential issue is that your partner could be suffering from anxiety, which can lead to sleep disruptions. Speaking with a doctor can lead to better health for your partner and better sleep for you.

Note Bedding Size

Your bed also simply might be too small. When people feel confined as they are sleeping, they might toss and turn. Your partner might have nightmares about being trapped. Furthermore, if the bed is too small, your partner might have trouble getting comfortable in the tiny space. Instead of allowing another sleepless night to go by, start conducting research into queen mattresses or larger ones to upgrade your bed. A bed that is too small may be the cause of your partner’s troubled sleeps.

Establish a Routine

After too many nights sleeping with a restless partner, you might not be able to think about much else when you settle in for the night. Instead of allowing these thoughts to trouble you, establish a calming bedtime routine. For example, you might take a warm shower or read a chapter of a book shortly before going to bed. Getting into these habits can take your mind off your partner’s restless nights and allow you to gently fall into a deep sleep. Encourage your partner to establish a nighttime routine that works for them as well, as this might also help them to sleep more soundly each night.

Sleep Separately

The thought of sleeping apart from your partner might seem unusual and even scary. However, think about how much happier you both could be if you are able to sleep at night. You don’t necessarily need to sleep in different rooms. You might choose to have two beds in your current bedroom, or even two separate beds pushed together. As long as you are able to sleep through the sounds of tossing and turning, the movement will no longer bother you and you’ll be able to get the sleep you need each night.

Making changes to your bedtime routine or to your bed itself might seem overwhelming. However, think about how much better both you and your partner will feel once you’re getting more sleep.


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