How to Help Your Family Through a Blackout



What happened to the lights? Power outages are often unexpected and can be a major nuisance, especially if you have children at home. If you’re tired of hearing whines and screams when the electricity goes out, read on to learn how you can help your family through a blackout and keep your sanity.

Calm Everyone Down

It’s common for young children to panic when the power goes out, while older children and teens may be upset if they can’t play their video games or do their homework. When your home goes dark, the first thing to do is calm everyone down. Reassure your kids that there is no danger and the electricity will come back on eventually. Help them find ways to get homework and school projects completed without technology. If necessary, you can talk to their teachers in the morning to explain the blackout.

Identify the Source

Sometimes the cause of an outage is beyond your control, such as a snowstorm or rolling blackout. All you can do in these cases is call the power company to find out when they expect to restore electricity and wait. However, sometimes the lights go out because you forgot to pay the bill or due to faulty wiring in your home. Getting the power back on may be as simple as getting your account caught up or calling an electrician who provides house rewiring services. A quick check can assure you of what is happening and how to fix it.

Use Candles and Flashlights

The best way to ease everyone’s nerves during a blackout is to use alternative sources of lighting. Always keep candles and flashlights in an easily accessible location in case of emergencies. You can also use battery operated lamps and lanterns to light up small areas like bathrooms and entryways. Headlamps are useful for safely traversing staircase landings and other tight spaces. Be sure to show your kids where all these items are ahead of time. If you are out of town or running an errand, then they’ll be able to take care of themselves until you get back.

Bring Out the Board Games

Boredom is a common issue when the electricity is out for an extended period of time. Keep your family busy and entertained with some old-fashioned activities. Board games are a classic way to pass time when the power is out. Try classics like Scrabble and Monopoly or bring out a deck of cards for some Texas Hold ‘Em. You can also make crafts, draw, color or read scary stories in the dark. Maybe include a list of potential activities or keep your board games in the same area as the flashlights and candles. With planning and a little luck, a blackout can be a memorable and heartwarming time.

Remember, you don’t have to stay at home during a blackout. Consider taking your family out for dinner and a movie or visit your local library or museum. Getting out of the house is an especially good idea during very hot weather when the lack of air conditioning can be unbearable.


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