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eCommerce is a great way to make money online. Yet, do you realize that even more money can be made on the back end than through front end sales? This is the power of email marketing. Besides improving sales, there are countless
benefits to email marketing. Any eCommerce business that isn’t collecting the emails of their customers, and marketing to them on the back end, is leaving a lot of money on the table. The good news is that setting up and profiting from an email marketing campaign is easy. Let’s take a look at how you can use email to make more money through eCommerce.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a simple concept. People willingly sign up for your mailing list and you send them emails promoting your products. It’s that easy. Although there is cold email marketing as well, it doesn’t apply here. email marketing allows you to continuously market to your customers instead of relying on them to come back to your store.

Signing up for your mailing list is simple. In most cases, customers can fill out a form with their email address and other contact information while making a purchase or creating an account at your store. In other cases, offer an incentive to sign up even if they don’t make a purchase. Either way, let them know they’re on your mailing list, otherwise your messages could be considered spam.

The true power of email marketing is convincing a repeat customer to make another purchase rather than acquiring new customers. This saves money on marketing costs as well as providing easy conversions through your mailing list.

Another Form of Ads?

While using email marketing to boost effective eCommerce may seem like another form of advertisement, in some ways it is, you should also focus on offering value. If the mailing list is used only to f pitch offers, then many customers may unsubscribe.

Offering value is easy. Emails including insightful tips related to your eCommerce store brand or discounts and other special promotions exclusive to your mailing list are examples of offering value. The special value will keep subscribers responding to your email marketing eCommerce efforts.

Building Your Subscriber List

How do you build your subscriber list? Is it really as simple as collecting customer information on your site through purchases or having a pop up on your site offering something in return for signing up? Even though these are effective strategies, there are other methods for growing your subscriber list.

First, let your subscribers do the work for you. Offer a deal in exchange for sharing an offer with a friend or family member. For example, offer a $5 credit if the offer is forwarded to someone who uses the credit to make a purchase: a “Give $5 get $5” program. This draws new customers and new subscribers,  continuing the cycle.

Another method for building a  subscriber list is to run ads on platforms like Facebook or Google Adwords. The ad is linked to a page telling the viewer the reward t for signing up for your list and its awesome benefits.. This strategy can be tricky since you will tend to lose money in the beginning as ads are tested for improving conversions. Carefully calculating how much each subscriber is worth and the cost for your ad will need to be considered in order for this to be profitable.

The Importance of Links

When marketing to your mailing list, including links is essential. Without links in a pitch, an ad isn’t clickable and is nearly worthless. Let subscribers know what you’re offering, how to get it, and then provide the link. 

Spam filters are important to consider since one of the fastest ways for email messages  to end up in a subscriber’s spam filter is using anchor text that says “click here.” Spam filters detect this quickly and deal with it accordingly. Instead, try “use the link below”. 

Using image-based emails is another sneaky trick. Spam filters can’t detect trigger words if t part of an image. By putting links in the image, any type of text can be used. Using image-based emails can improve conversion rates too, making this one of the most effective eCommerce strategies.

Email Marketing is a Low Budget, High Reward Strategy

Running an email marketing campaign can be cost-effective, even if hiring a professional service, such as
Colibri Digital Marketing. This, combined with the fact that email marketing produces a reliable stream of revenue if done right, makes it one of the best marketing strategies in terms of ROI.

Keep in mind that email eCommerce campaigns require a long term strategy. Expecting tons of revenue pouring in overnight is foolish. Build your list, make pitches when appropriate,.focus on improving conversion rates, and evaluate customer response. Analyze these results and you may find that your mailing list is one of your most powerful business assets.

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