Simple DIY Tips to Add Coziness to Your Home



Even though we have different tastes and ideas when it comes to interior design and different things that make our homes feel cozy, what tents do the trick for most is adding personal touches to them. In most cases, those are more of luxuries rather than necessities. So, when you are working on a budget, coziness will slip into priority. But that doesn’t always have to be the case, there are so many simple things you can do on your own that will add the missing coziness to your home.

Layer Your Lighting to Add Coziness

When you are feeling like your home is quite dull, consider switching up your lighting. Even though it sounds very simple, by adding more and layering the lighting you will create different moods. A simple update will make your home feel warm and welcoming. The key to making your home cozier with lighting is choosing soft and warm-toned lighting. Instead of using overhead fluorescent lighting that triggers angst choose things like table lamps, fairy lights and candles. By incorporating multiple types of lighting, you will bring more dimension to the room.

Choose a Calming Colour Palette

Some colours will tend to make the room feel really cold and unforgettable while others will make your home feel cozy and stress-free. Choose colour combos that will provide feelings of calmness rather than choosing your favourite hues. Colours that promote the feeling of calmness and coziness are soft blues, greens and pinks while colours such as neon and dark ones can often give the opposite effects.

Update Your Bedding

There is nothing that will make your home cozier than your bed having cozy bedding. Swap your old bedding with new ones and throw on a quilt or a blanket over the foot of the best to get the ultimate cozy feeling. Another thing that you can do that will make your home feel extra cozy is making a netted canopy for your bed. All you need are hooks to attach your canopy to the ceiling and you’re good to go.

Add Extra Throws

Just like updating your bedding in the bedrooms, there is nothing that will make your home feel homier and cozier than adding cushions and throws. Draping cozy soft blankets and adding a few pillows and even hanging up chunky curtains will give your home warmth and coziness that it lacks. The key is to layer different sizes of pillows and make sure that they are different textures. Something that you should keep in mind while layering your throws and pillows is that they work well together. Another thing that will make your home cozier is incorporating something such as an outdoor ottoman, beanbags or a basket where you will be able to store extra blankets.

Incorporate Some Wood

Incorporating wooden elements doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have to buy inexpensive wooden tables or dressers just to make your home cozy. It can be something as simple as accent bowls, trays or even wooden shelves.

Warm Up Your Walls with Some Photos or Art

One of the best ways you can make your home feel cozy is simply by putting up your memories. There is nothing that will make your home duller and boring than bare walls. The best course of action is to frame up your favourite pictures as well as hang some artwork if you have it. It will give your home more personality, therefore making it cozier. Choose pieces that will make you feel calm and happy as well as warm up your space. Hanging up your memories and art will make your home feel more lived-in and homier.

Go Crazy with Plants

There is nothing that will bring more life and coziness to your home than filling it with different types of plants. It will not only make your home more welcoming and warmer but it will purify your air. There can never be too many plants in your home.

As you can see, making your home cozier doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Even if you think your home is cozy, every home can benefit from adding a little more coziness to it. Have fun with it and fill your home with things that will make you feel good.

Grace Wilson

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