The Significance of Cleaning Out Your Attic



The attic is one of the most forgotten and unused rooms in our homes because it contains nothing but our children’s old baby clothes, toys, vintage items, and holiday decorations. You could go about your daily routine completely oblivious to what’s going on in your attic. You probably believe nothing is going on up there. Many homeowners check their attic when they have something to store. This is why you should hire attic cleanout Solano County services. They will help you clean out your attic and prevent many issues.

In reality, attics can be a hive of activity, with pests and critters surrounding them. Rodents, in fact, like attics because fiberglass provides a comfortable and warm sleeping material. Attics are also popular with bats, who will spend the day hanging from the rooftops before feeding at night through vents. Also, other animals like squirrels love to set up shop in attics, where they can live and eat whatever they can get their hands on.

Unfortunately, all of these pests cause extensive property damage. They not only feed on wires, tubing, and insulation, but they also urinate and defecate on them, which can spread illness and produce noxious fumes. This is why you should inspect the attic regularly to evaluate the condition. Don’t touch anything if you see a mess up there. Suffice it to say, keeping a tidy and clutter-free attic is crucial for a home’s well-being, since a junk-filled attic may cause plenty of issues.

Following Are the Three Critical Tasks Are Accomplished Through Attic Cleanout:

  1. They eliminate pests.
  2. Scrub-affected components.
  3. Repair insulating materials.

When to Clean out Your Attic?

You need to perform attic cleanout when you observe either of the following symptoms:

  • You’ve noticed symptoms of a serious rodent outbreak
  • In the past, invasive species were an issue.
  • It appears that bats have been there.
  • Your insulation isn’t enough.
  • The insulation you now have is damp or moldy.
  • Rodent waste is visible.

Process of Attic Cleanout:

Pest and mouse infestations are attracted to your attic for a reason. Mice and squirrels can easily obtain access to your roof and vents, allowing them to escape the elements, breed, and care for their offspring. They settle there in the winter, particularly because the insulation is warm, and they stay there until their welcome is officially over.

Diseases such as rabies, typhoid, and Hantavirus have been linked to mice, rats, squirrels, and bats. Rodents, in fact, can squeeze into quarter-sized gaps. The below is a summary of the attic cleaning procedure:

  • By checking the roof, attic, and crawl spaces, the pest control specialist finds and fixes all rodent access points, then seals those areas to deter rodents from returning.
  • After that, the pest control specialist collects all of the garbage, liquids, and dirt. Keep in mind that rats and mice transmit up to 35 diseases to humans by saliva, urine, and feces. Body fluids with latent pathogens will easily end up in your attic, where dust spores flow through the air ducts.
  • The pest control team would clean up the attic, including all areas of destruction, clear all inappropriate material, install the new insulation, and sanitize the room to reduce the chance of infection.

Bees, raccoons, and birds, in addition to mice, may enter your attic during the winter, causing property harm as well as exposure to histoplasmosis (lung infection), roundworm, and other severe diseases. If you’re having trouble with your roof in the winter, such as cracks or ice jams, the issue may be with the insulation in your attic. A draughty house and higher heating costs can be caused by a poorly sealed attic, but it can also allow ice to regularly melt and re-freeze in the winter. This can lead to the formation of ice dams, which can lead to water loss and leakage problems.

The attic and crawl room are two of the most important parts of a home to sum it up. Even if you have a propensity to overlook your attic, it is also a vital part of your house that should be kept tidy and insulated at all times. Cleaning and scrubbing the attic regularly should be a normal activity. It will help keep the attic rodent-free for longer if done correctly.

However, since not many people have enough time on their hands due to their busy schedule, they are left with no other option but to hiring professionals. Even if you have enough time, it is still recommended to hire a reputable junk removal company like 3 Kings Hauling & more that specializes in offering attic cleanout services. They have the required expertise, experience, and tools that can help deep professionally clean the attic.


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