4 Easy Ways To Supply Your Diner With Baked Goods



There is nothing more iconic than a diner and, as an owner, you want to offer the menu items that customers expect from this type of restaurant. Although you and your kitchen staff may be experts at diner foods, you may not have the time or expertise to create stunning baked goods. These four tips can help you keep your bakery case filled with delicious pastries, cakes, and pies that your customers will love.

1. Local Bakeries

The first place to look for fresh baked goods is at local bakery shops in your area. In most cases, bakeries will provide you with fresh items that you can display in your own bakery case. Some may request that you inform customers that the baked goods are from their shop while others may be fine with you simply selling the items as your own. They may even provide you with fresh baked bread, rolls, and muffins. This is a great way to support other local businesses as well. You can’t get more fresh than sourcing baked goods right in your own city. 

2. Large Restaurant Suppliers

Many national chains, such as US Foods and Sysco offer a line of baked goods that you can offer to customers at your diner. These may range from beautifully decorated cakes to brownies, and even bread or rolls. You can purchase fresh kaiser rolls for your sandwiches or biscuits for your famous sausage gravy. Most offer daily or weekly deliveries so you know your customers will get fresh items each time they visit. Sourcing your food from restaurant suppliers might help you feel more secure in knowing you will always be well-stocked with what you need. 

3. Tap Into Your Staff’s Knowledge

It is possible you have staff members who are excellent bakers as well. Consider offering a contract to a server or hostess who also loves to bake. They can provide you with fresh, homemade baked goods that are unique to your diner and may actually bring in more customers. Be sure that you follow all health code requirements in your area if your employee is baking at home.

4. Hire a Pastry Chef

There is always the option to hire a pastry or dessert chef who will create delicious desserts as well as fresh bread and rolls for your diner. This may also mean hiring additional staff to assist in the process of creating items for your bakery case, but initially, a pastry chef may be able to handle the volume on their own. Keep in mind this may also mean additional equipment in your kitchen that will allow the chef to fulfill their duties.

Offering fresh baked goods at your diner is a great way to increase your customer base. It will help you offer a larger variety of menu items for your guests. These four tips can help you create a bakery case that will encourage your customers to save room for dessert and can help you increase daily revenue for your diner. 


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