Equipment To Cut Your Staff’s Time in the Kitchen in Half



Lacking the proper kitchen equipment when running a restaurant can be a serious limitation to your business’s success, one that even the most talented and dedicated staff may be unable to overcome. From pantries and cold-storage environments to appliances and resources that can automate cleanup, investing in the best selection of equipment can help to ensure that your staff can achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity. This overall should increase both your restaurant’s success and your staff’s work morale.

Storage and Kitchen Layout

Creating a more efficient workspace layout or kitchen floor plan is often an essential step towards boosting overall efficiency. Ergonomic workstations that can eliminate time, worker strain, or unnecessary steps that may be slowing down food prep or final plating can make quite an impact. More efficient storage space can also help, especially in kitchens that are normally too cramped to allow for speed or much chaos, or in spaces where access to ingredients or equipment may be difficult for one or two people to handle.

Deciding what layout is best for your kitchen can be an important first step in improving your efficiency. Talk to your staff to see what gets in their way most of the time, or how the layout could be changed to allow them better access to the ingredients or equipment they need on short notice.

Food Preparation


Automating key aspects of food preparation can also have a dramatic impact. Mechanical shredders, grinders, and mixers can allow your staff to tackle even the largest jobs more quickly and easily. It also allows them to focus on more intricate tasks, such as plating or putting ingredients together, when there is equipment around to do the mixing, cutting, or grinding for them. Specialty devices like a pasta press or hamburger moulder equipment can not only speed food preparation but also allow your staff to make scratch-made versions of popular dishes that incorporate only the freshest ingredients in no time at all. Mechanical aids and electronic devices are often crucial for ensuring quick-and-easy food prep in a kitchen that has the potential to get very busy and very chaotic with the various mealtime rushes.

Ovens and Ranges

Ovens that are too small or lack sufficient range or strove-top space can quickly become a major bottleneck, especially when it comes to keeping up with the lunch or dinner rush. An oven stove or range that is suitable for large-volume orders is a must-have item for any commercial kitchen. Upgrading your existing kitchen can often be well worth the effort and expense that may be involved.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleanup is another aspect of day-to-day operations that shouldn’t go overlooked, especially for smaller kitchens that may lack a dedicated cleaning staff. Tasking your employees to handle cleaning duties without providing them with the right equipment could be eroding their overall efficiency in ways you may not even be aware of. From commercial-grade sanitizers to basic janitorial equipment, investing in the resources needed to speed cleanup is always a smart move.

A well-stocked kitchen and properly laid out can help unlock the full potential of your kitchen staff’s talents and abilities. From designing the right floor plan to ensuring more efficient meal prep, cooking, and cleanup, there are plenty of equipment options that may help you to cut your staff’s time in the kitchen in half.


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