4 Fun Halloween Outfit Ideas for You and Your Kids



Kids love planning their Halloween costumes and going door-to-door for sweet treats, but why should the little ones get all the fun? Dressing up with your kids for trick-or-treating, a Halloween party or a haunted house is a great way to have a good time and make memories. Getting involved with your kids will help them treasure those memories even more. Read on to discover four fun Halloween outfits for the whole family.

1. A Bunch of Party Animals

Walk on the wild side this Halloween by dressing your family as a gaggle of geese or a pride of lions. Animal costumes are fun, easy and great for last-minute trick-or-treat plans. Have a young family? An adorable rooster, hen and chicks ensemble is a sure crowd-pleaser. Dress your youngest as an egg for extra cuteness. Need a fast fix? Cat ears are plentiful during Halloween season, so pair them with black sweats and drawn-on whiskers to go as a spooky feline family.

2. Fairy Tale Magic

From Snow White to Goldilocks, classic fairy tales are a fantastic source of inspiration for family Halloween costumes. Little girls especially love fairy tales, but fairy tale costumes can offer something for everyone.

Prince Charming is a perfect costume for dads, while brothers might enjoy dressing as the seven dwarves. Moms can go as an evil stepmother, witch or a fairy godmother. Learn how to make hair bows to give your fairy tale costumes the perfect magical touch.

3. We Come in Peace

Make your family’s Halloween out of this world by dressing like a gang of extra-terrestrials. Alien costumes can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. Throw on some silver clothing, green paint and antenna headbands for a quick costume solution or draw inspiration from your favorite sci-fi shows and dress to impress. Whether your outfits are simple and striking or elaborate and baroque, they are sure to make an impression.

4. Kitchen Creations

Food-themed costumes are a great way to show off your family’s creativity. From spaghetti and meatballs to a fast food meal, the options are endless. Dress as coffee and your kids as donuts for a sweet costume or turn up the heat as a bunch of hot peppers and a taco. For a more unexpected costume, go as a bottle of soy sauce and dress your kids as pieces of sushi.

Don’t Forget Safety

Whatever costume you choose for Halloween, don’t forget to put safety first. Make sure your kids are equipped with reflective stickers and glow sticks for visibility. Go for makeup over masks that can restrict your child’s vision, and always check your kids’ candy stash before letting them dive into it.

The most important thing is making memories with your kids. Your kids might not remember what exactly you did for Halloween, but they will remember your love and joy at being with them. While they might grumble about safety, they will appreciate your concern in time. Center your love for your children and go out and celebrate with confidence. A happy Halloween means a safe and exciting one together.


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