4 Myths You Need to Forget About Bed Bugs



When it comes to household pests, very few species are as misunderstood as bed bugs. While these pests are some of the most cumbersome and irritating to get rid of, you need to know the truth about them to be successful in their extermination. Here is a quick look at four of the most common myths about bed bugs as well as some tips that you can use to keep or get these pests out of your home.

1. Bed Bugs Prefer Unsanitary Conditions

One pervasive bed bug myth that has been around for decades is that they prefer unsanitary conditions. Many people are surprised to hear that bed bugs can be found in all types of homes and buildings, including hotels and home rentals. It doesn’t matter how often you may wash your sheets, vacuum, or dust, bed bugs can still live in a clean room.

That being said, a cluttered and untidy home makes it much more difficult to find bed bugs. When your bedroom floor is covered in belongings and there are clothes stacked on your bed, you might not notice a bed bug infestation for weeks.

2. Bed Bugs Can’t Be Seen with the Naked Eye

Even though young bed bugs are incredibly small, adults can easily be seen with the naked eye. Once they have reached maturity, most bed bugs are going to be about the size of an apple seed. They are typically reddish in color, particularly after they have fed on blood. Some can become relatively translucent or whitish if they haven’t eaten within the last few weeks.

If you have recently found what appears to be a bed bug in your home, then you should immediately contact a pest control expert who can correctly identify the species. Keep in mind that you might not find a live bug, and often you may only be able to spot an exoskeleton from a bed bug.

3. Bed Bugs Are Only Found in Beds

As a general rule, bed bugs will nest wherever they have access to a constant supply of blood. When you go to sleep at night, your lack of movement will give them the perfect opportunity to feast for multiple hours without being interrupted. Bed bugs can also be found in wheelchairs, sofas, and anywhere else that an individual might remain relatively motionless for a long period of time.

For this reason, as gross as it may sound, if you do find bed bugs in your bed it is important that you continue to sleep in that bed and do not move to sleep on the couch or in a guest room. If you do change sleeping locations, the bed bugs will follow you to where you are sleeping, which makes the infestation worse.

4. Bed Bugs Transmit Diseases

Studies continue to show us that bed bugs generally don’t transmit any diseases, but that doesn’t mean they are completely harmless. Over time, bed bugs can cause a wide variety of problems that will make your life miserable. That includes sleepless nights, constant itching, and unsightly welts. Some people who are bitten by bed bugs also develop secondary health problems because they are constantly scratching their skin.

If you think that you might have a bed bug infestation, then you must immediately contact an exterminator. Those bugs will quickly migrate to every single room, and getting rid of them is going to be much more difficult once they have spread throughout your home.


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