The Best Time To Get a Pest Control Inspection



Pests living and breeding in your home can cause many problems for you and your family, so getting a regular pest control inspection done as soon as possible is important. A pest control inspection has the exterminator examining your home and every nook and cranny it has to determine if there are any pests present and whether or not they are causing problems for you and your family. You should schedule this inspection at least twice per year and even more often if there are any concerns about pests being a risk to your home.

Best Time to Get a Pest Control Inspection

You can schedule a pest control inspection at any time throughout the year, but it’s best to have this done in the spring and summer. This is because there are a lot of pests that can be found during these seasons. Pests commonly found during this time include ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other insects. These pests can cause many problems for you and your family if they get inside your home.

How Pests Get into Your Home

Pests can get into your home in many different ways. When you have a pest control inspection done, they will be able to identify the different ways that pests get inside your home and how to prevent them from doing so in the future. Some of the ways that pests can enter your home include:

  • Through holes in the walls or floors of your home
  • Through cracks in windows and doors
  • Open chimneys or vents
  • Open garage doors and windows
  • Through open doors and windows

The last two can easily be prevented by simply closing your doors and windows when they don’t need to be left open. The rest may require some form of home repair or renovation to fix, which is also something you may want to consider when deciding what to do for renovations or improvements on your home.

What to Look for During a Pest Control Inspection

When conducting a pest control inspection, you should look for any signs of pests present in your home. Signs that show that there may be an infestation include:

  • Tiny insects or small objects found inside walls
  • Evidence of insects or other pests on the floor
  • A sealant that is missing from door seals

What to Do When You Find Pests

When you find signs of insects or other pests in your home, you should take immediate action to stop the infestation. This means removing the pests and preventing them from coming back. There are several different methods that you can use to remove the pests from your home. These include:

  • Using insecticides to kill off existing pests
  • Insecticidal dusting products that can kill off existing insects on surfaces
  • Fumigating your home with a gas that kills off pest insects and eggs
  • Using a pest control company to exterminate the pests

Professional Pest Control

If you have an infestation of insects or other pests in your home, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional pest control company. This will ensure that the pests are removed and that the infestation is dealt with quickly and professionally. If you do not have the time to deal with the problem yourself, a professional will get rid of the problem in no time.


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