4 Things You Need for a Rustic Themed Wedding



Having a rustic wedding is a beautiful sentiment for starting a new life together. If you want this type of wedding, then there are a few must-haves. Here are four things to consider for your rustic wedding.

1. A Cozy Place for the Ceremony

Every rustic wedding starts with a comfortable spot to wed. A
farm wedding reception venue is an excellent place for a rustic wedding. There are dozens of options couples can select for decor and color choices. From shabby chic to French country, rustic can encompass many different styles and works for a variety of tastes. The most important thing is having a place that everyone will enjoy, especially the bride and groom. As always, make sure you select a venue that will hold the number of guests you anticipate having.

2. Intimate Lighting

Nothing says romance like the soft warmth of hanging lights that create a beautiful glow for your perfect wedding shot. Besides overhead lights, lanterns make a wonderful centerpiece. Outdoor weddings often use fairy lights for saying vows at night or to create a beautiful backdrop for evening photographs. Mason jars and tea light candles are stunning rustic designs that are simple and inexpensive for any budget. Dim, calming lighting works best to match the rustic theme that you are aiming for.

3. Burlap Table Settings

Carrying the rustic theme through the reception is easy with simple decor mediums like burlap. This material is affordable and customizable. You can find plenty of decor ideas online. One way to make sure all your family members feel like they are a part of the ceremony is to invite them to make decorations. Homemade table settings are simple to create, and you can have the family make them at the rehearsal dinner or a bridal party to ensure everyone can take part. You can also incorporate the burlap through hanging decor to match your soft lighting.

4. A Beautiful Arch

There is no more beautiful place for saying vows than under a statuesque arch overflowing with budding flowers. In particular, if you have an outdoor wedding an arch will provide a focal point for the ceremony. After the ceremony, the couple can take pictures with all the guests using the same overhead decor. The arch saves money and provides stunning support for any hanging decorations you want for your special day.

A rustic wedding is a memorable way to say I do and begin life as a couple. Using these four tips, you can put together a rustic theme on any budget. Wrapping burlap around candles or using it to tie flower bouquets is a stunning way to bring the decor together. You can use ribbons and flowers in any color to create a sentimental design that will have the couple looking at pictures for decades. Using these colors for mason jar gifts for guests is an excellent way to create a wedding keepsake everyone will cherish. No matter what direction you choose to go with for your rustic wedding, this theme is sure to leave you with a day to remember forever.


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