Don’t Miss Out on These 2019 Wedding Trends



If you’re planning your big day for 2019, you should definitely stay conscious of the biggest wedding trends that will mark this year. Of course, this is your wedding day, and no one should tell you how to organize things, and especially not if you already have plenty of things planned out. However, if you’re still looking for inspiration, you’ll be glad to know what 2019 has in store for you. 

1. Bolder Colors Make a Comeback

Pastels, neutrals and even darker muted tones have been on the throne in recent years when it comes to the wedding color palette. However, 2019 is expected to bring back the vibrant colors again. If you wish your wedding to have a striking bright vibe, you can easily make the most out of it. Feel free to introduce the cheery spirit of vibrant shades with your wedding décor and bridesmaid dresses, but your own bridal accessories as well! 

2. Say Hello to Practicality

Have you ever seen a bride with pockets on her wedding dress? Well, if this is something that seems cool to you, get ready to rock this trend cause the so-called practical dress is all the rage! This doesn’t only involve pockets on your wedding dress but the whole design and cut of the bride’s gowns are about to change in order to incorporate the comfortable aspect into the gorgeous world of bridal dress designs. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice the looks in order to get the comfort. If you’ve never been too keen on large skirts and complicated corsets, you’ll be thrilled to find elegant and simple yet equally beautiful and detailed designs at bridal shops. Look into smart and well-tailored men’s wedding suits that would match your practical dress and the two of you will look positively amazing. 

3. Sustainability in the Wedding Industry

The eco-friendly lifestyle is slowly but surely making its way to the wedding industry as well. If this is something that matters to you, it’s important to note that 2019 will make it possible for you to organize your own conscious ceremony. This means replantable flowers, an organic menu for the guests as well as the minimal use of plastic. You can also add your own touch to the ceremony and encourage the guests to make eco-friendly changes in their own behavior with special games, favors and the overall atmosphere at the ceremony. 


4. Embrace the Tech

You don’t have to opt for a sci-fi wedding theme in order to enjoy the technological advancements of our society. After all, utilizing the tech is especially important for documenting every single moment of your big day. Essentially, photography and short videos are only some of the ways you can record these precious moments. Thanks to the drone technology and video-mapping, you can make the best memories and have them saved forever to remind you of this important day. 

5. Pre-Wedding Honeymoons 

Traditionally, honeymoons take place after the wedding. But the truth is that the wedding can be pretty costly and the prep definitely takes a lot of your time and energy. This is why one of the most popular 2019 wedding trends includes the engagement moons or pre-wedding honeymoons. Essentially, couples decide to make the most out of their free time together by utilizing the opportunities they have with available dates for fabulous destinations after their engagement. This definitely takes away a bit of the pressure from setting the wedding date as well. 

As long as love and fun are involved, your wedding day is bound to be amazing. It’s important to stay organized and on top of things to avoid stress, but don’t hesitate to go with choices that will make you and your future spouse the happiest!

Diana Smith

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