5 Anniversary Gifts That Will Give Your Angler Husband a Halibut Time



When your anniversary comes up, you want to show your husband how much you love him by gifting him with something that he would really like. If your husband is a fisherman, get home something that will help him catch more fish while out on the water and have a great time while doing it.

1. Fishing Pole

Every fisherman needs a reliable fishing pole. In fact, they should probably have a few different fishing poles. Some poles are better for different types of fishing. Look at what they already have and research other fishing poles that provide more features. You can also get a fishing pole designed for the fish they want to catch. In the worst case scenario, simply ask your husband what fishing pole he wants.

If you really want to surprise him get two fishing poles. No, this isn’t about the actual items you’d be gifting. If you get yourself a fishing pole you will be letting him know that not only do you appreciate his hobby, but you are willing to spend quality time with him doing something he loves to do. That within itself may be the gift he appreciates the most.

2. Waterproof Phone Case

Being on the water, many fishermen end up with water in their boat and on all of their stuff, especially if a fish is being particularly feisty. A fisherman may even find himself falling into the water. This can be frustrating if they have their phone in their pocket.

This is great for spouses who value practical gifts over sentimental ones. It serves dual purposes. Not only will it keep the phone safe, but will be able to keep you in contact with him. You can look for solar phone chargers that way he can stay plugged in case of an emergency. This is especially a good idea if he goes fishing while you are pregnant or have small kids. Let him unplug in the wilderness, but be a phone call away if something important comes up.

3. Fishing Shirt

I can assure you that every fisherman husband needs a shirt to express their love for their hobby. Look for a redfish microfiber shirt as a themed gift celebrating his hobby. The microfiber material helps protect the fisherman from the harsh rays of the sun when out on the boat all day. It also won’t fade after washing, so it will look as good as the day you got it for a very long time.

Getting him a shirt he can wear casually or fishing is a great idea because it’s a themed gift. Even if you would never dare gut a fish or go on a trip you can show support to what he finds important. Mutual respect and encouragement is key to any great marriage.

4. Waterproof Speakers

Some people like to fish in absolute silence. Other people like to have music to help keep them occupied. Be warned that the music can potentially deter the fish from coming near you, so turn it off if you aren’t getting a catch. If you go fishing with him you can show that you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone for him.

Think of it as a date night that gives you time to talk without interruptions. Doing this once in a while is definitely a way to break the monotony of your usual dates.  Make a playlist with your favorite songs from days gone by and let the memories roll in.

5. Smart Fish Finder

Technological advancements have improved just about every industry, including fishing. In fact, there are items that can use sonar technology to help tell you where the fish are in just about any body of water. You don’t have to wait for the fish to come to you. You can go to the fish.

Fishermen love their hobby. If you have a fisherman husband, you want to gift him with something related to fishing for your anniversary. These ideas are a great start to get him something he will use and really enjoy. Plus, it’ll be like a little piece of you is with him when he goes out on the boat.


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