5 Celtic Wedding Traditions to Celebrate Your Irish Heritage



Your wedding day is certainly one to remember. You have probably been dreaming about it for your entire life, so you want to get it right. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, so there are also various traditions that you may want to incorporate into the ceremony. If you are Irish, you will really want to continue reading this post. Here are five Celtic wedding traditions that will help you to celebrate your Irish heritage on this special day.

1. Celtic Hand Fasting

This is a tradition that goes back to ancient days when druid priests would conduct the wedding ceremony. This is a symbolic ritual that helps both partners signify their unity to one another. Both partners face each other as their hands are literally tied together.

This is a great idea to incorporate in a wedding ring ceremony and in Celtic knot decorations you have throughout the reception. This is a great physical ritual that can represent the romantic gesture as you profess your loyalty to each other.

2. A Blue Wedding Dress

When most people think of the color of wedding dresses, they automatically assume that they should always be white. This is not necessarily in line with Celtic tradition. A blue wedding dress is often worn to represent femininity and purity. When a bride wears this dress at her wedding, it allows the her to demonstrate her lifelong loyalty to the groom.

3. Remember the Celtic Cross Rings

You will also want to consider wearing a Claddagh. This is a women’s or men’s wedding ring with a Celtic cross r that contains a pagan symbol that is meant to represent the sun. The Celtic Cross itself will combine this pagan symbol with the crucifix of Christ. It is a regular fixture in Irish weddings still to this day.

4. Receive Irish Blessings

It is no secret that the Irish people are full of tradition. This is a culture that has been centuries in the making. One tradition that has been passed down from one generation to another is that of the Irish blessing. There are quite a few of them, many of which are most applicable during a wedding. You will want the person officiating at a Celtic wedding to speak some of these over you.

5. Consider the Date

There are certain dates that are significant in Irish tradition. As you get ready to set your own wedding date, do so with this in mind. Consult your elders to determine what days of the year are most appropriate for you to have a Celtic wedding. In Celtic numerology, the number one symbolizes the unity of things. This is represented by the sun. Being married on the first could be a good luck symbol as you embark on your new relationship.

These are just five of the many Celtic traditions that you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony if you are wanting to have your Irish heritage reflected. It is important to be proud of who you are and where you come from. There is perhaps no better occasion to do this than on your wedding day.


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