Maintaining Friendships: How to Keep Your Bros Close After You Propose



Even the closest of friends can begin to drift apart over time. Major life changes can also make it more difficult to maintain a friendship, especially for friends who are not used to having to compete with a spouse when making plans.  Getting engaged can be a time of happiness for you and your loved one, but it may come with jealousy and fear of change from your buddies. From planning the bachelor party to finding activities that spouses and significant others are more likely to enjoy, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your friends stay close after you’ve popped the question.

The Bachelor Party

The bachelor party can be a bit of a double-edged sword. The chance to cut loose with your friends for one final night can lead to trouble, especially for groups who like to party hard or whose past outings have been known to go off the rails. Overdoing the bachelor party could end up driving a wedge between your friends and your spouse while a more moderate evening will help to cast your closest friends in a more favorable light.

Matching Groomsmen Gifts

Don’t settle for inviting your friends out to the bachelor party, give them the opportunity to take part in the wedding ceremony as well. Your wedding is a momentous event, one that you will be glad to share with your friends. Providing matching groomsman gifts, such as monogrammed shaving kits. If you’re going on a destination wedding to Hawai’i then a memento like a nakoa wallet or suit accessories like cuff links and tie-tacks can be a great way to show your appreciation.

Monthly Game Nights

Finding the time for a night out can be difficult, especially for newlyweds who have already decided to start a family. Hosting a monthly game night gives you a chance to spend time with your friends without your spouse having to feel left out. From poker nights to LAN parties, a regular game night can be just the thing for those who wish to spend a little quality time with their closest friends. As your families grow so will your responsibilities. If you’re really going to maintain a friendship it needs to evolve as your life and responsibilities evolve. Making time to get together will be the glue that keeps long-lasting friendships together.

Annual Trips and Vacations

Getting away from it all can be important too. Booking a group trip, planning a couples-only vacation or turning a summer holiday into a tradition can often be a lot of fun. Having to spend time with your friends in the same old environments can quickly begin to feel stale, and a trip or holiday is a great way to keep things fresh.

Remember to Be Inclusive

Neglecting your spouse for the sake of your friends can be a recipe for conflict. Finding group activities and making an extra effort to include your significant other will allow you to keep up with your friends without having to worry about your spouse. Getting involved in a shared hobby or experimenting with new activities can often be a lot more fun than sticking to the same old tired routine.


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