5 Ideas for Lasting Mementoes To Celebrate Life’s Special Moments



Some moments will always remain with you for all the right reasons. But it’s still nice having something tangible that helps the beautiful memories to come flooding back every time you see it. Some of those times are obvious milestones: anniversaries, special birthdays, the arrival of new bundles of joy – but some of them are more subtle. Some days just turn out so special and amazing by accident or design: a special Valentine’s day, a family outing that was full of love and laughter, that moment when you realized once again you were still in love despite all those years together. From the big days to the ordinary ones that turned out special, mementoes can come in all shapes and sizes – and they can cost far less than you expected or even be completely free. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Diamond Jewellery for the Big Milestones in Life

Diamond jewellery is a traditional way to commemorate the most special times in your life. After all, it’s as durable as can be, and every time you wear it, or even just see it in your jewellery box, you remember the day you received it, and the occasion it celebrates. Apart from being a traditional memento, buying diamond jewellery is also a big decision for most people.

Top tip? Don’t settle for mass-produced jewellery at a mainstream retail store. You can get custom-made jewellery for less, and you can even buy diamonds at wholesale prices online. But beware! A picture on your computer screen can easily fool you into buying substandard stones. Learn more about Kimberfire diamond jewellery store. With their help, you can get all the benefits of online pricing with none of the pitfalls so many people fall victim to.

2. A Tattoo – But Think it Through

Many people celebrate great memories by getting a tattoo. In a way, it can be a great memento. After all, it’s permanent and it’s on your body no matter what you wear – including nothing. A word of caution, however, tattoos are forever. If you choose this route, my advice is to make sure it’s relatively unobtrusive.

Despite growing acceptance of tattooing as body art, there are still negative perceptions out there, and you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your chances in the job market or offend older family members. Also, remember that the body ages and a tattoo that looked great when you were in your thirties could become distorted and ugly later in life. Thinking of getting a tattoo? Be absolutely sure that you won’t regret it before taking the plunge.

3. Pick up a Freebie

One of my favourite stashes of memorabilia consists of a small collection of signed, dated champagne corks. I remember who was there, when it was, and the whole celebration every time I look at them. Possible mementoes are all around us: a pretty pebble picked up on a riverbed during a happy day spent out hiking together; a flower picked and pressed between the pages of a book; seashells in a glass container or worked into crafts; a love letter from a child to a parent. Remember that treasured mementoes don’t have to cost a thing as long as they mean something to you.

4. Photographs – Professional or Amateur

The cool thing about photos as mementoes is that they don’t have to be professional to be special to you. Of course, if you do hire a professional photographer (and some occasions are so special that you absolutely should), you ought to get some really awesome images. But even a blurred selfie taken on your cell phone can evoke precious memories. The main thing you need to do is to get your most special photos out there where you can see them. Create photo albums or photo books that you can page through, or better yet, make photo collages that you can hang on the wall and see every day. Some pictures say far more than a thousand words and they’re the ones you and your loved ones will always treasure.

5. Coins With Special Dates or From Your Travels

Most of us keep a few coins or banknotes as souvenirs when we go on holiday to a foreign country, but it can also be fun to find local coinage minted during years that will always be special to you. The main issue here is getting them out there where you’ll see them. Get them set into jewellery or mounted in a picture frame rather than keeping them stashed away. After all, any day is a great day to reminisce on the most joyful times of your life.


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