6 Curb Appeal Ideas for Anyone’s Budget



It doesn’t matter if you are tired of your home’s curb appeal and want to do something to improve it or if you’re looking to sell your property and need an inexpensive way to boost the price, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many things you can do to upgrade its appearance. Plus, many of the suggestions listed below are very affordable, which means that you can try them out regardless of your budget. Take a look.

1. Give Your Door a Quick Facelift

Your front door plays a huge role in how good your home looks from the outside. If they are bland or worn-down, they most certainly don’t look attractive. One easy way to fix that is to replace them. However, as that might be a bit expensive, you can also consider repainting them. A bold red or yellow door will make a huge statement. Of course, you can choose any color that fits your home façade best. What is more, you can also
replace the hardware on the door, such as the knob or the knocker. These items are not expensive, especially if you find them in a thrift store or garage sale.

2. Add Flower Boxes to Your Windows

The windows can also be updated. For instance, you can paint them so that they match your front doors. On the other hand, if you want to keep the door the focal point, you can simply add some flower boxes to your windows. That will add a pop of color and make the windows appear larger. Plus, you’ll bring nature closer to your home. Something else you can do is add shutters to the windows if that fits the overall style of your home.

3. Update Your Porch

Another idea is to give your porch a little bit of TLC. If you have any furniture in front of your home, you can try some DIY upholstering or simply changing the cushions and pillows. For a project that might take a bit longer, you can consider updating the flooring of the porch. You should look for companies such as
WoodEvo that offer sustainable decking options that will not only enhance the look of your porch but also last you a long time.

4. Install New Light Fixtures

If you think the outside of your home is not well illuminated, you should consider installing new light fixtures. For one, you can add some to your porch – put one light on each side of the door, to keep it symmetrical. Then, if you have a path from your gate to your front door, you can also put some recessed lights alongside it to make it more visible.

5. Replace Your House Number

Something very cheap that can do a lot is swapping out your house number hardware. All you need to do is go to the local hardware store and pick the style you like most. Alternatively, you can also look for a chic
way to display your house numbers, such as carving it in wood, painting it on a plant pot, or designing it with lights.

6. Take Care of Your Landscaping

Finally, you also need to take care of your landscaping. Your lawn should be neatly mowed, your shrubs and trees trimmed, and all the dead branches cut. Then, you can add some flowers if you want a touch of color in your front yard. Moreover, you cannot forget about hardscaping. Fix any cracks that the sidewalk or the path to your front door might have.

If you want to fix up the exterior of your home, it’s good to know that you don’t need a huge budget. From repainting doors and windows to regularly doing maintenance in terms of landscaping, there is a lot you can do.

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