8 Easy Ways to Transform Your House Into a Place You Love



Everyone likes to have a place they can designate escape to, somewhere they can de-stress and feel relaxed. Whether it is going out with friends to a cinema taking a stroll through the park or perhaps a vacation to your favorite destination. Nevertheless, it is a form of temporary relief because at some point you have returned to your house.  So why not transform your house into a place called home? But then again, what makes a structural composition turn into a home? Certainly not the large rooms, expensive accessories, or the location with the best view, no. Home is made of people, memories, and adding your personal touches.

I have a habit of customizing every little thing that is strange, unfamiliar, or unwelcoming to me, which is what makes me love it. If you feel like you need to leave your own house to find sanctuary and relaxation, perhaps it is a good time to change things up and transform it into a place you love. Take a look around and notice if your house reflects your personality and if it sets off a comforting vibe. Try to think about what your house and the rooms in it make you feel. That might give you some insight to get started. If the walls make you feel dull or if the space feels constricted or dark, there is a lot you can do to change it.

Typically, most people do not even bother with it, assuming they need a fancy interior decorator, which frankly might prove a bit heavy on the pocket or it might sound like a very time and energy-consuming process. I can assure you, that such is not the case. You can easily change from your old boring look into something with more creativity and soul. Your house is very much like a living organism; it needs care and attention exactly as it gives you.

I Have Gathered 8 Easy Ideas To Give You the Change You Are Looking For.

1. Paint

The most inexpensive and effective step you can take is to give your old walls a splash of new paint that feels right for the room. If you are a person with a cheery disposition, choose your pick of vibrant colors. If you prefer serious undertones, that is also a great choice. Choose whatever makes you feel comfortable and right at home. If you are feeling creative, you may paint a wall in a very different manner. It may not seem like a big change, but a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the atmosphere you desire.

2. Get Creative with Frames

Frames don’t have to be limited to photographs. You can use them as a tool to rejuvenate old furniture or create new ones. A boring, bland closet can be turned into something more interesting. You can do the same with kitchen cabinets and doors. Frame and hang up the piece of silly but heartfelt art your younger family member made you instead of sticking it on a fridge temporarily. It will certainly make an interesting piece and a good conversation topic for your guests.

3. Choose Light and Bright

The lighting in your home can make a subtle or drastic difference when it comes to beauty and great energy. This is why letting in natural sunlight from every place possible is a great idea to make your place look fresh, open, and inviting. In case you do not own a naturally bright place, you can still make it appear so. Install energy savers in places where sunlight may not hit and choose your wall and accessories in lighter and brighter shades. These bulbs are easy on the bill and also eco-friendly.

4. Declutter the Space

After a long day of work coming back to a cluttered home can be very off-putting, frustrating, and stressful. Get rid of the useless things you have been collecting over the false reason of sentiment or the hope you might find it useful in the future. Decide what is valuable and be of use. Let go of the rest. The less you have on the outside, the less you have to worry about keeping your house neat.

Save space by using higher shelves instead of keeping large objects in every corner of the room. Another good way to create space is to make use of raised floors. You can use the spacing in them to create hidden storage. Organize and put things in their place. Keeping outer space neat and organized will make a positive reflection on your state of mind.

5. Smoke and Mirrors

If your answer is yes to the question “Does this room make you feel constricted or claustrophobic?” don’t worry. You can create an illusion by cleverly placing wall mirrors. Your living room, hallways, or even bathrooms can instantly appear bigger and spacious enough to fool yourself and others into believing something that is not. Using mirrors will not only give the illusion of a larger room but will also be instrumental in doubling up the lighting of the place.

6. Make it Smell Good

Many people have a strong olfactory sense when it comes to memories attached to certain smells. Visual aesthetics help create a happy place, but scents are equally important. You may remember your grandma’s home smelled a certain way, perhaps of your favorite cookies or treats she made you. Or the smell of your mom’s pancakes in the morning reminds you of a happy place? You can give extra life to your home by using scented candles or good old baking. Or if you have no time for that you can simply put a little of vanilla essence in a cup mixed with water and heat it over the oven for a bit. Your house will smell like the delicious cakes that you never baked, but it’ll be our little secret. If you prefer the scent of flowers, a little air freshener might do the trick too.

7. Create a Sanctuary

Everyone has a favorite place in their home; if you don’t, you can make your happy place. It can be a designated place for reading near a shelf of books or a large window you like to sit by and watch the glowing moon or the brilliant sunset. You can set up a gaming station or plush couch for long hours of Netflix on the big screen. The world is your oyster!

8. Update Old Fixtures

Little things such as old and outdated doorknobs, switches, or handles can dampen your home’s aesthetic. Change them out for an updated and refreshing new look. A little change can make a significant difference.

Giving your house a transformation with your touch could be the very thing you need to make it more loved. After all, there is no place like home.


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  1. Honestly speaking, I have found these ideas quite useful in renovating my place. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I am glad I found this article!

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