Simple Ways To Make Your Older Home Look Brand New Again



If you own an old house, chances are you’ve thought about updating its appearance. The problem for most homeowners, though, is that full renovations are labor-intensive and costly. Luckily, there are a few simple and relatively inexpensive projects you can take on to make your home look brand new again and much more modern. Here are four simple ways to make your older home look new again.

Paint in Modern Colors

Arguably the biggest impact you can have on your home’s feel with a single project comes from updating the paint colors. Older homes are often painted in colors that have been out of favor for decades, and some even still have badly dated wallpaper covering their walls. Choose modern, neutral colors for living spaces and brighter colors for bedrooms and the kitchen. You should also consider what paint updates you can make on the exterior. Things like window trims, shutters, and front doors can all look worn, aged, and dated over time. Pick a more updated look or just redo the original color. You’ll be amazed how large a difference can be made with a simple coat of paint.

Get Some New Flooring

As with paint colors, old houses often show their age with their flooring. If you have outdated carpeting, you may want to consider replacing it with something more modern. Vinyl flooring and bamboo are both great choices. If your home has antique hardwood flooring, you may be better off refinishing it.ย 

Old hardwood floors can still be beautiful, but you’ll have to take off the decades of grime and give them a new finish to make them look their best. If you are comfortable, this is a project you can do yourself. You can DIY and make your home look brand new. Be aware, however, that the more patient and meticulous you are, the better your floors will look in the end.

Replace the Doors and Windows

Although they often get overlooked, your home’s doors and windows contribute a great deal to its overall appearance. Old doors, in particular, can severely date a home. If you’re looking to modernize, consider finding replacement doors and windows to help give your house the lift it needs. Newer doors and windows can also help with any draftiness you might be feeling in your house, and could even help with your heating and cooling costs.

Ditch Your Old Siding

If your home has siding on its exterior, you can radically update its appearance from the street by getting more modern siding or veneers. If your siding is a dated color, or is showing its age from wear, a change in siding will make your home look and feel considerably more up-to-date. Best of all, changing the siding will also give you a chance to update your house’s exterior color to something a bit more contemporary.

By tackling these four projects, you can transform your old house into something that has a much more modern aesthetic. Before long, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a refreshed home, all without having to go to the trouble and expense of a complete renovation. Your old house will start to look brand new.


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