Beautiful Inside and Out: How To Get Your Body Back After Birth



Motherhood transforms you on the inside and out. Hip width, breast shape, clothing size, and even shoe size may change after delivering a child. These changes are proof of your body’s hard effort. However, getting back in good shape after having a child does not have to be a difficult experience. Exercising, in fact, will make you feel better—it has been shown to assist with postnatal depression. Let us look at a few ways you can get your body back after giving birth.

Get up and Move

Begin walking as soon as possible after delivery as long as the doctor gives you the green light. This would get your body active and help you burn calories. Purchase a fitness tracker and record your daily activity, then progressively raise your steps by 10% each week as you gain strength.

Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery

Want your body back? Consider a vaginal reconstruction surgery such as labiaplasty to tighten and repair vaginal tissues and muscles that were damaged or overstretched during childbirth. Your vagina can be damaged during delivery. Vaginal stretching can cause various issues, including stress incontinence, sexual discomfort, and self-consciousness about the appearance of your vagina. This medical procedure reinstates the tone, strength, and control of your vaginal muscles. If you want to understand more regarding vaginal reconstruction, contact a doctor near you.


Breastfeeding mothers burn an additional 800 calories each day, which can help them lose some excess weight. However, remember that your body will require an additional 500 calories each day when nursing. Consume your calories from a range of nutrient-rich foods and avoid “empty-calorie” meals such as chips, soda, sugary candies, and so on. Your calorie requirements will decrease if you quit or taper down breastfeeding. To avoid gaining excess weight, modify your food planning and ensure you’re on a regular exercise program.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep deprivation may have a negative impact on new mothers. It will not only deplete your energy and boost cravings, but it will also disrupt your metabolism and render it harder to reduce the additional pregnancy weight. Don’t feel bad if you try to catch some sleep when the baby is asleep. And, in the early weeks, don’t compromise sleep to squeeze in an exercise. At that time, your body requires recovery more than it does a workout.

Reestablish a Steady Workout Program

Hopefully, you worked out during your pregnancy, making going back into a program a lot simpler. If not, don’t worry; you can establish a regular schedule and keep to it! You already realize that returning to exercise is a slow process; however, new mothers should perform the following exercises when they receive the all-clear from their doctors:

  • Yoga or pilates
  • Bridge and plank exercise
  • Cardio focused exercises such as biking, swimming, and treadmill workouts

Remember to be patient and enjoy the task of regaining your physique. While your added weight may not come off as soon as you’d like, if you persevere with the tips outlined above, you will triumph. Furthermore, new moms can opt for vaginal rejuvenation procedures to appear more refreshed and gain renewed confidence.


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