Choosing the Best Lens That Is Suitable for Your Glasses



It is necessary to choose an efficient spectacle lens. Choosing the correct one that suits your vision the best is not an easy task. There are many options for lenses and coatings to choose from these days. This article will make it easier to choose the lenses and the coatings as per your requirements. Now you get high index light lenses with ample color and coatings that make your vision correct, whether you’re farsighted, nearsighted, or need progressive lenses, and you can also gift these lenses for daily wearing, to your loved ones.

Importance of Choosing the Right Lens for Your Glasses: 

The lens is the most important thing that you need to choose while buying eyeglasses. The frame you will choose will make your glasses look attractive, but the lens will influence the vision, comfort, and safety along with the appearance. It is very important to choose efficient spectacle lenses, materials, and coatings. The type of lens you need to choose depends upon the fact that if you want your lens to correct the farsightedness, near-sightedness, or astigmatism

Different Types of Eyeglass Lens Materials Available: 

  • Glass Lens- Earlier all the efficient spectacle lenses were made up of glass. This was heavy and was easily breakable and could cause harm to the user. Therefore, glass lenses were used no longer.
  • Plastic Lens- This came into existence from the year 1947. A plastic polymer called Cr-39 was used to make these lenses. It was light in weight and was of low cost. Therefore, became quite popular in that period.
  • Polycarbonate- Polycarbonate lenses first came into existence in the early 1970s. These were known for the safety of the glasses. It was originally made keeping in mind about the children, people working in the air force, sportsperson. This was a material that was lighter than that of the CR39.  In the year 2001, a lighter material named “Trivex” was used to make efficient spectacle lenses that had similar resistant properties as in polycarbonate.
  • High Index Plastic Lens- Therefore a huge number of lens manufacturing companies made these lenses that are thinner and lighter in weight than all the other lenses that were manufactured earlier. High index lenses will not break even if they bend, and they even cost less than conventional glass lenses.

Various Kinds of Coating Needed in The Lenses:

Nowadays before choosing efficient spectacle lenses, you need to make sure about the fact that if you are wearing a sunglass then your spectacle lens should block the UV rays 1005. There are many such lenses available that will not do so without an added coating on them.

  • Anti-Scratch- All lightweight and thin lenses are prone to abrasions and scratches compared to the glass lens. All the lenses that are made up of plastic and high index plastic need the anti-scratch coating for longer durability.
  • Antireflective Coating- This helps in the elimination of reflection in the lenses and reduces the clarity and contrast during the night. Anti-reflective coating is important especially for the high index plastic lens as it has a high refractive index material therefore the lens reflects more light. It significantly causes more glare if no AR coating is applied to it.
  • UV Blocking Coating- Exposure to the harmful rays of the Sun causes eye problems and irritation. Plastic lenses and CR polymer lenses need a UV coating.
  • Photochromic Treatment- This allows the glasses to adjust to the sun’s UV rays and other light rays automatically.

Keeping all these little factors in your mind and a proper study of the fact will help you to choose your correct and efficient spectacle lenses.

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