Top Tips for Finding the Right Pair of Glasses



Finding the right pair of glasses isn’t always easy. While some people find their perfect match within minutes, most of us have to go through a lot of shapes and styles before we find the glasses that click. If you’re new to buying glasses or always struggle to make a decision, this article can give you some helpful tips. All of these tips can be applied to just about anyone, no matter how strong or weak your vision is. You can even refer back to this list when buying for a child, friend, or another family member too.


The most important part of getting the right glasses is making sure your prescription is up to date. Glasses and sunglasses are first and foremost for helping you see in all situations, so if your lenses are off in either, they won’t be doing you much good. If it’s been a while since you last visited your optician, then get yourself booked in for an eye test. It can be surprising how much our vision changes in a matter of years, even if you don’t seem to be straining to see. Once you’ve got your result, check out Ray-Ban sunglasses to find your perfect fit.


There are lots of pros and cons for every type of material used to make glasses, it’s just about finding the one that works for you. Plastic frames typically break a lot more quickly than other materials, but they are cheaper, which makes them an accessible option for people on a budget. But breaking your glasses and having to replace them can cost more in the long run. Consider choosing a lightweight metal frame, such as titanium, which will mean your frames are just as comfortable as plastic ones but will last much longer. Heavier metals can feel cumbersome if you wear them for long periods of time, so always try on your specs before buying them.


While the shape of your glasses doesn’t make much difference to how well they allow you to see, it will impact your confidence. Picking the shape of your specs is probably the most difficult part because it can be hard to tell what suits you and what doesn’t. Sometimes it’s just a case of trial and error, but there are certain rules that could help you find a good match. For example, if you have a round face a round pair of glasses will only accentuate that. Instead, consider angular frames to bring a greater sense of balance to your appearance.

Nose Pads

Some people love nose pads, others can’t stand them, so think about this before ordering glasses online. Usually liking nose pads has a lot to do with the shape of your nose. If the bridge of your nose is slimmer or more sloped then you might find your glasses will slide down without pads. But if you are trying on glasses in shops and the nose pads are pinching, this could be because they haven’t yet been adjusted to suit your face yet.


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