Handle Heavy Machinery? How To Avoid Accidents on the Job



In every workplace, different machinery is used to perform specific tasks. Heavy machinery comes in handy when handling complicated tasks. It also ensures that there is minimal reliance on manual labor. If heavy machinery is not handled with care, it is dangerous. Machinery should only be handled by trained personnel in the company. Also, it should not be misused since it can lead to accidents and injuries. The following tips will come in handy while avoiding accidents when using heavy machinery at the workplace.

Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) While Handling Machinery

Heavy machinery normally comes with guards. Nevertheless, workers should wear personal safety equipment for additional protection. Personal protective equipment includes items such as closed-toe shoes, safety goggles, gloves, hard hats, and overalls. Full wraparound goggles come in handy since they ensure that debris will not get into your eyes. For gloves, look for the ones that fit well. Keep in mind loose gloves can easily get caught by machinery.

Workers that usually handle sharp tools should use cut-resistant gloves. Nevertheless, remember the gloves reduce the chances of being cut. Workers also need to wear the proper footwear as they operate heavy machinery. Proper footwear protects your feet from objects that fall accidentally. Shoes should also have slip-resistant soles that will ensure you don’t slip and fall in the workplace.

Don’t Get Rid of Machine Guards

Machine guards come in different types. They help to ensure the operator is safe when a machine malfunctions. The machine guard ensures the debris and sparks will not get out of the machinery. Barriers also ensure the workers are protected, and they won’t get into contact with cutting tools and sharp edges. The operators should not remove the machine guard as the machinery is operating. To remove the machine guard, first ensure the machine is shut down. The guard can only be removed when carrying out maintenance.

Heavy machinery should also be serviced by an authorized professional. If the workers realize there are some faults, they should notify supervisors.

Ensure Machine Operators are Adequately Trained

The importance of adequate training cannot be emphasized enough. For one of the staff to operate the machines, they should have undergone adequate training. Each piece of machinery has safety features that the operators should know about.

When the employees are well trained, they will handle the machinery in the right manner. After the training session is complete, the skills of each employee should be gauged. In some cases, you may also have to involve a construction accident attorney. These attorneys are very necessary as they will help you come up with a contract or offer some assistance in case an employee has been injured while handling heavy machinery.

Maintenance Schedules Should Be Followed Strictly

There is a reason why maintenance schedules have been put in place, these schedules should be followed strictly to ensure the machinery is operating well. If you skip maintenance, your machinery will have issues, such as broken gears.

To avoid accidents, you should also be aware of your surroundings. Machine operators should not use heavy machinery when using alcohol and other drugs since their reaction time will be slow, and they may get into a fatal accident.


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