How to Deal With PTSD After a Car Crash



After a car crash, you will likely experience some jitters while driving. It’s normal, especially if you or someone else was injured during the accident. The jitters may become truly debilitating to the point of not being able to drive or ride in a car. AT this point, it becomes something much more serious. It could even be post-traumatic stress disorder. Here are some tips on how to deal with PTSD after a car crash.

Ease Into It

Driving after an accident can make you panic. You don’t want to go through what you went through again. This is completely understandable. However, you’re going to need to get back on the road. Start small. You can start by going down the block to the grocery store. For severe cases, you can start by simply getting into the car and starting it. Sometimes, you need to get comfortable being in the driver’s seat before you actually go anywhere. Drive cautiously but not to the point of being a hazard. As you get more comfortable, you can slowly work your way up. You will go further and may even get back on the highway one day.

Get a Safe Car

Many people need an extra sense of security after they get into an accident. Having a car known to be especially safe can really help with this extra security. The larger the car, the harder it will be to take down. You also want to get a car with the best safety features. If your car was totaled in the crash, it’s time to get a new one anyway. Talk to the salesperson at the dealership to inform them you want to emphasize safety in your next vehicle.

Go to a Therapist

Sometimes, we need some additional help. There’s nothing wrong with going to get that help in the form of a therapist. It gives you an outlet to talk to someone about your fears and receive honest feedback. The therapist can even provide some suggestions on how to conquer your fears and get back on the road. This can be especially traumatic if you witnessed the death of someone in a car crash. There is no shame in getting professional help to be able to get back into a car and to safely be able to face your very valid panic. You should seek help from therapists, doctors, and a wrongful death attorney to make sure your physical, mental, and financial health are in order.


These traumatic events will likely impact your day to day and even your job.  Ignoring your problems won’t make them go away. Make sure that you take care of your overall health. Money won’t bring someone back from the dead but can help with the real-world impact it has on your life. Grieving is a long process, so make sure you don’t go through it alone.

Follow Your Own Path

If your car crash happened when you were doing a left turn you may not want to do left turns without a green light. That hesitation is normal. You should not feel pressured by others to drive uncomfortably. You are in the driver’s seat and you should go when you think it’s safe. There is no problem with giving yourself a different route or alternative roads that you feel secure on. You should listen to your intuition and gradually get back out there.

Car accidents can seriously change lives. It can cause people to experience severe fear and anxiety while in a car or driving. The accident can even come back to haunt people in their dreams. Using these tips can help you get over the PTSD you may get after a car accident.


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