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Lack of recognition at a workplace sometimes leads to a lack of productivity. It was even reported that 35% of employees feel less productive because of this. Simple gestures of appreciation can unite a team. Being recognized for your efforts and hard work even with the simplest gesture can make everyone feel valued. These gifts do not have to be expensive it’s the thought that matters.

Here Are Several Ways to Show Your Employees How Much You Value and Appreciate Their Hard Work.

Have a Pizza Party

If someone says pizza, most people reply “where?” or “when?.” Obviously, we’re trying to make a point here and tell you that nearly everyone likes pizza. This is why companies should use it to their advantage and throw office pizza parties. Fridays are perfect for this occasion as people often wait for the clock to strike five so they can leave the office. For this particular reason, office productivity drops on a Friday. People usually wrap things up before the weekend and spend the rest of their working hours waiting to go home. Companies can use this end of the week to throw a pizza party and boost morale at the office.

Invite Some Laughter by Building a Wall of Fun Photos

Each day something unique happens at the office. These moments are often documented with a photograph in order to make these moments last. You can invite everyday laughter at the office by building a wall of fun photos. This wall can be updated regularly because everyone deserves their spot. Every person matters and this is another way of showing staff appreciation. Make sure to get everyone’s consent for posting the pictures up where everyone can see them. Also, put this wall in a shared room so only your employees can see this and not everyone who visits the office.

Celebrate Hiring Anniversaries or Birthdays Together

Work anniversaries are both milestones for employees and the company they work for. Such an achievement should be celebrated with a bang! Birthdays fall into this category, too. Since everyone loves sweet treats (besides pizza) you can surprise them with a birthday cake.

For example, people in Australia love to celebrate work anniversaries or birthdays with a cake because it brings people together. A
professional cake shop in Sydney will deliver a delicious birthday cake of your choice. This thoughtful gesture is something everyone enjoys, so we can follow their example. You can even personalize the cake with a funny slogan on it to show how much you care. This is also a perfect opportunity to take some photos to put on a Wall of Fun. 

Recognize Something Specific With a Trophy

Employers can also appreciate somebody’s dedication and hard work with a gratitude trophy. Wait for an exceptional achievement to gift and reward them with this symbolic and funny gesture. You can deliver these once a year. But you have to be careful not to forget someone. In order to include even those underachievers at the office, have one special achievement trophy. This one will go from hand to hand on a weekly basis. By doing this, everyone will have a chance to become a holder of the trophy for a week.

Allow Flexible Schedules

If you allow flexible schedules at the office, your employees will appreciate that. Sometimes the levels of distractions at the office are unbearable. For this reason, people feel more productive if they can work from home. They also feel more satisfied with their current position and less stressed if they can work from home. Not only does this benefit the employees, but the employers too. If people have the opportunity to work flexible hours, work remotely and work from home, they will most likely stay with the company. So, if you truly wish to show appreciation to your employees, give them the power of their work schedule.

Provide Meaningful Activities During Break Time

Another way to give a thoughtful gift to your employees is to provide something meaningful. This can be some sort of a service like a
spa office day.  For example, you can provide an all-time office massage service by installing a massage chair into the break room. Your employees will use this perk to relax during their breaks and increase their productivity later in the day. Additionally, you can also hand out some spa gift boxes they can use at home.

Your employees’ achievements should never be ignored if you want to have a team that strives. Make everyone feel appreciated at least once a year with a thoughtful gift. It’s the thought that counts, not the value. This will also strengthen workplace relationships and create a recognition culture in the workplace.

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