How To Keep Your Pets More Secure When You’re Away From Home



Owning pets have many positive benefits. Pet ownership also comes with its fair share of challenges, though. One big challenge is figuring out how to keep your pets safe and secure when you’re not home to take care of them. To ensure your pets stay happy and healthy at all times, here are a few safety measures you’ll want to put in place to keep your pets safe and secure when you’re not home.

Locks on Cabinets

Although pets may have a harder time opening cabinets and doors around your home, they can eventually figure it out if given enough time — and if what’s on the other side is enticing enough. Once these doors are open, your pet could get into some serious trouble. That’s why it’s a good idea to put locks on any cabinets and doors that are within reach of your pet so they’re secure and so that there’s no way they can get inside. If you find that your dog is able to get around these locks, most likely by chewing through them, you may need to consider other storage solutions for items in these cabinets.

Upgrade Your Fence

If you keep your pets outside while you’re away, you’ll want to be sure that your pets don’t escape during the day, particularly if you have a small dog who can squeeze through small spaces. This means that you’ll want a heavy-duty fence, such as one with lattice screening, surrounding the entire perimeter of your yard. Any fence that has large holes between the slats likely won’t be enough to keep your pets inside. This could lead to hours or even days of searching for a lost pet, a task that could be hard on your family. If you can’t install new fencing, repair any areas of your current fence that have compromised integrity.

Install a Camera To Check In on Your Pets

To check in on your pets from time to time, it’s a good idea to install WiFi-enabled cameras in strategic areas around your home. These cameras will allow you to see what your pet is up to from your smartphone. In addition to keeping your pets safe and secure, watching the camera footage will help reveal any potential weak spots that you’ll need to reinforce to help protect your pet. It can also give you some insight into how your pets behaves when you aren’t there.

Utilize Connected Alarms

Your pets are just as vulnerable to many common home risks as you are. That’s why it’s important to have connected alarms, including smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, to alert you when there’s a problem that could endanger your pet’s life. By receiving alerts on your smartphone, you will be able to act quickly to ensure that the proper assistance is dispatched to your home to save your pet.

Although pets can ultimately do what they want while you’re away, it’s still important to teach them obedient behaviors to help them make good choices. Obedience training certainly isn’t foolproof, yet it can help you establish trust with your pet so that they will listen to you when you scold them for certain actions. In many cases, this will avoid risky behaviors that could put your pet in danger. Follow these helpful tips to keep your pets safe and secure when you’re away from home.


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