How to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior in the Winter



As winter approaches, you will want to protect your home’s exterior from the horrible weather conditions. Although problems can be difficult to anticipate, there are many methods for keeping your home safe. There are several ways to maintain the exterior of your home, but you should perform these tasks before it snows.

Preparing a Home’s Roof for the Winter

Use an extension ladder to check a home’s roof before winter begins. Look for loose or missing shingles. Such problems can lead to moisture problems in the underlying layers of the rooftop. Look at the roofing system by climbing into the attic to check any water spots or moisture damage. It is vital to fix these problems yourself, or alternatively, you can hire a knowledgeable technician to perform the job. If you check the roof before winter starts, it likely won’t cause problems when snow covers it.

Cleaning the Gutters and Downspouts

When your home’s gutters are filled with debris, it can lead to water flowing into the building’s wall spaces or roofing system. Cleaning your home’s gutters at least once a year. You can do this by using a small shovel to dig through the dried leaves and trash that collects in the gutters. In addition, make sure to wash any of the loose debris through the downspouts to keep water away from your home.

Foundation Protection

You may ignore the foundation of your home, but this can lead to serious issues for the building. A crumbling or sagging foundation can cause additional building damage as the walls begin to lean and the rooftop begins to sag.

Experts recommend protecting a home’s foundation with a water-based concrete stain that keeps the moisture from snow, rain or ice from entering the material. You can apply this substance with a special spraying device.

Repairing a Home’s Windows and Window Frames

Make sure to repair a home’s windows and the window frames by replacing broken windowpanes along with adding liquid sealants to the crevices around the windows. This can keep cold drafts and moisture from entering your home throughout the winter. If small amounts of ice or snow are leaking in around the windows, then you might have damaged wall insulation and mold growth. Pests can also  Be sure to double-check that you have secured and sealed your windows.

Hiring a Handyman for These Exterior Inspections or Repairs

If you can’t care for a home on your own, then you can hire a handyman for the job. Look for a licensed and knowledgeable individual to visit your home for the inspections and repairs.

In the winter, because it is harder to get out, it can more difficult to keep your home maintained. Even if you maintain your home well during the fall, you might have missed a few details. Winter can be a difficult season, even if you plan well for it. The above tips will help you maintain your home through those cold months.


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