Seven Essential Tips for Starting Out With Online Dating



Dating is a dangerous game. You can develop a crush on someone only to get crushed. That is why online meetup options are so great – you can check out all the potentially problematic stuff before you start getting the coos.

There are tons of guides online for internet dating success, like this one here. These are awesome, but sometimes they skip the important details. So here are a few nuggets of wisdom from real-life experience!

1. Stick to your actual face for your profile picture

This is a no-brainer, obviously, but there is a hidden catch to it. It also means that you should avoid your best angle. Yep, you read it right. Of course, you have That One Angle that makes you look like an absolute movie star, but if your date cannot recognize you live, that awesome angle has become your arch enemy.

Pick a picture that looks the most like your Everyday Face and use that as your profile photo. Then, in your albums or collections, you can mix your stunning fabulous shots with regular ones to show off both your star face and actual face.

2. Your selfie game can be too strong

Right in line with the previous point, selfies should not be the only thing on your dating dash. In fact, a selfie-only gallery is reportedly off-putting to a lot of people. Instead, use the photos as a way to describe yourself, especially if you are not big on bio writing.

Snap a few pics of you doing something fun that you can use as a conversation starter: playing a game, some DIY hobby, messing around in the snow. Anything you enjoy is a game.

3. Keep your biography at the bar chat level

If you establish a meaningful relationship, later on, great, talk about whatever. For now, these are Stranger Dangers who needn’t know every single thing. Share no more than you would disclose to a total stranger at a random bar: never give your address, full name, or the name of your company.

Imagine someone who didn’t get a second date showing up at your office! Yikes. You can find a pretty comprehensive article about staying safe in the virtual dating space on the following web page:

11 Tips For Safe Online Dating, Straight From An Expert

4. Tailor your content to your ideal date, not your ideal self

Put yourself in the shoes of your preferred partner type and imagine what they might respond to. Then post about that. Think of it kind of as “SEO seduction”. Come up with a few keywords, like personality traits or interests, and include them in your profile info.

That way, people who share their preferences are more likely to find you in their search. Try to be specific, e.g. instead of generic “jazz music” plug the names of your favorite artists or albums, like “Tom Waits”, “One Heart Walkin’” etc.

5. You are not obliged to continue boring conversations

No, seriously. If those messages are uninviting or feel generic, or just plain boring, it is perfectly fine to stop exchanging them. You can give some kind of polite announcement to the other party, or just ghost them. Believe it or not, ghosting is an everyday thing in the virtual dating scene.

Also, feel free to switch around apps. Review pages offer tons of options, so check out or similar websites to find the platforms that match your interests.

6. Meet up in a public place

Do not take your first date home and make sure to have your own ride. Better safe than sorry. There will be plenty of time for Netflix & Chill later if you hit it off. And keep in mind, you absolutely can leave a bad date at any moment.

7. Remember there are more fish in the sea

Try to have a few dates lined up in your calendar. If you know there are alternatives coming soon, you will feel less bad about a date not working out. Prevent yourself from getting hung up on one person and one idea. Even if you are looking for “The One”, you will have to look at more than one along the way.

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