How to Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for Cold Autumn Nights



The nights are getting cold, and darker earlier and earlier, the temperature is falling, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. It’s time to start thinking about how you can get your house ready for the colder nights that the fall brings. There are a number of things you can do that will help keep your home warm and cozy throughout the fall and into the winter. Here are steps to take to be prepared. 

Check to Make Sure Your Boiler Works Correctly

If you have a boiler in your home, you should always make sure that it is running at top efficiency before you need to start heating your home. Since your boiler is responsible for pushing heat throughout your home, regular maintenance is required. Don’t hesitate to call a company that specializes in boiler repair if you think anything is wrong. You don’t want to wait until it breaks during the coldest night of the year- be proactive and take care of it now.

Check and Stock Any Other Heating Supplies

Again, you don’t want to wait until it is below zero to stock up on heating supplies. Make sure you have enough of any supplies you need to keep your house warm, such as dry firewood, oil, or propane. Having an extra space heater can be helpful in some areas of your home as well. You may also receive a good deal on supplies when you aren’t buying them during the cold season.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Did you know that the rotation of your ceiling fan can both heat and cool your house? If you can, reverse your ceiling fan into the “clockwise” position. This helps to push hot air, which rises, down towards the rest of the house. This is also a good time to install ceiling fans if your home doesn’t have any. While you will have to bear the brunt of the initial cost of the fans, they will save you some cash on your heating bills throughout the fall and spring.

Check Your Chimney Before Winter Hits

The fall months are the perfect time to inspect and clean out your chimney. A professional can inspect the chimney for cracks and other possible issues and repair them before you need to use it. Your chimney should also be cleaned professionally at least once a year. Not only does this help keep your home warmer, but it will also reduce your chances of a chimney fire. Make sure you hire a chimney sweep before the first time you use your chimney after the summer to ensure it’s safe.

While your chimney is being taken care of, make sure that all of your smoke and CO2 detectors are in perfect working order. Check to see if they all have fresh batteries. In the event of a heating or ventilation problem, your detectors can save your life.

In many areas, the temperature at night can drop drastically during the autumn months. We are quickly transitioning away from summer, so make sure you and your home are prepared.


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