Know When Your AC Needs Service



Before you decide that you do not need AC service, you must look at the type of service that you need. If it is a service that is just maintenance that deals with the tune-up and a few repairs, that is not a big deal. If it is a service that repairs heating and cooling systems, then that is a big deal. It is a lot more work than a simple maintenance service. However, you must get a service that fixes the problem, not a service that only needs to be done once a year or even once every other year.

Fix a Split Air Conditioning System

If you are having a problem with the heating and cooling system of the air conditioning system of your home, then you need to act. If the air conditioning fails to provide comfort, then the temperature in your home will be affected greatly. So, you need to fix the problem immediately, or else the issues may turn out to be worse. Some of the other issues that need your immediate attention are:

Strange Sounds

If the sound is loud, it was a continuous bleating noise, or it was something like an alarm system bleating as the system is turned on. Additionally, if there was a small accompanying beep and no more? If the sounds are being made continuously but not loudly then the system should be checked in case of a problem and the service provider should be contacted to fix any problems with the system.


One of the most common causes for irregular airflow is a loose connection between an air duct or air register and an air outlet. If something disconnects from the airflow, then it will no longer properly get cooled or heated. When this happens, the air is not properly distributed through the house. Moreover, it can lead to discomfort in the room where it happens. It can also cause airflow problems in the entire house. A problem with indoor air quality is also common with a loose connection and the air is not properly filtered by the system and can cause allergies. It can also cause health problems for you and your family.

Bad Smell

It’s crucial to allow your air conditioner or furnace to be properly cleaned and serviced. This is very important. If there is any foul smell when you start your air conditioner or furnace, then you should definitely call a heating and cooling service provider immediately. Additionally, if the smell is awful then they will perform an air duct cleaning and have your furnace cleaned.

Getting On and Off

The most common symptom of thermostat problems is cycling on and off frequently in the heat or cold. The ac system would cycle on and off – so the bedroom would remain cool until the sun comes up in the morning or will go down at night. When it was cool in the daytime, it would cycle on and off when it wasn’t needed. Moreover, this can be because the thermostat is sensing room temperature incorrectly. Other problems can occur if the thermostat is running out of batteries. A thermostat will cycle on and off more often if it is malfunctioning.

If you do not have to face any of the above-mentioned signs or symptoms in your system and still your heating and cooling system is not working then you may consider other causes and call a technician. The main sign that your system is not working is if your house is still warm, even though you have the thermostat turned up.


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